Startup Showcase: MatchUpBox – Unlocking the Value of Personal Data and Digital Identities

Empowering Individuals and Businesses with Innovative Data Solutions

In the age of digital transformation, the management and security of personal data and digital identities have become critical concerns for individuals and businesses alike. Meet MatchUpBox, an innovative startup based in Montpellier, France, that offers a groundbreaking solution for unlocking the value of personal data and digital identities. In this startup showcase, we explore how MatchUpBox leverages its proprietary blockchain technology to provide an intelligent and compliant environment for secure data transactions.

Revolutionizing Data Services with PikcioChain

MatchUpBox’s flagship product, PikcioChain, is a modular permissioned-based blockchain specifically designed to address the challenges associated with personal data and digital identity management. After three years of dedicated research and development, the PikcioChain has emerged as an intelligent, secure, and unique transactional ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses alike.

Enhancing Efficiency and Security with Smart Contracts

MatchUpBox’s PikcioChain leverages the power of smart contracts to enable on-demand and secure access to personal data and digital identities. These smart contracts are programmed to perform specific tasks based on the data exchanged or collected. Whether it’s facilitating payments, managing renewals and upgrades, assisting in product and services searches, or handling customer support, MatchUpBox’s smart contracts streamline processes, enhance security, and improve overall customer experience.

Reshaping the KYC Landscape

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is a crucial component of various industries, particularly banking. However, it often involves significant costs and time-consuming verification checks. MatchUpBox aims to revolutionize the KYC landscape by building an ecosystem that simplifies and accelerates the KYC process while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.

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Traditionally, background and personal information verification checks have been conducted independently by each entity, leading to duplication of efforts and inefficiencies. MatchUpBox’s PikcioChain eliminates the need for redundant verifications by providing a secure platform for sharing and accessing verified personal data and digital identities. This not only reduces the overall cost of KYC but also enhances security and privacy while improving the customer experience.

Unlocking the Value of Personal Data

In addition to facilitating KYC processes, MatchUpBox’s PikcioChain empowers individuals to control and monetize their personal data securely. With the rising concerns over data privacy, individuals are becoming more cautious about sharing their information. MatchUpBox provides a transparent and user-centric solution that enables individuals to retain ownership of their data and decide who can access it and under what circumstances. This innovative approach gives individuals the opportunity to unlock the value of their personal data while maintaining full control over its usage.


MatchUpBox is at the forefront of revolutionizing personal data and digital identity management. Through its PikcioChain blockchain platform, the company is empowering individuals and businesses with an innovative and compliant environment for secure data transactions. By eliminating redundancies, enhancing security, and improving customer experiences, MatchUpBox is reshaping the landscape of personal data management and unlocking the untapped potential of digital identities.


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