Startup Showcase: Alcan Systems – Revolutionizing Smart Antenna Technology

Unlocking High-Performance, Low-Cost Data Connectivity Solutions

In a world that relies heavily on data connectivity, Alcan Systems emerges as the smart antenna company at the forefront of innovation. With a focus on developing a new class of low-cost smart antenna systems, Alcan Systems revolutionizes data connectivity with their ultra-thin flat panel technology. By utilizing liquid crystal display assembly lines for production, Alcan Systems brings high-performance, future-proof data connectivity solutions to any location. Let’s explore the groundbreaking technology of Alcan Systems and discover how they are transforming the landscape of satellite and cellular communications.

A Breakthrough in Antenna Technology

Alcan Systems is redefining what is possible with smart antenna systems. Their innovative flat panel antennas utilize ultra-thin, low-power, and electronically adjustable beam technology, all at an affordable price. This groundbreaking approach eliminates the need for moving parts, resulting in a sleek, efficient, and high-performance solution. The Alcan Systems flat panel antenna represents a significant breakthrough in the field of satellite and cellular communications, offering a future-proof data connectivity solution for a range of markets.

Versatile Applications for Various Industries

With their advanced smart antenna systems, Alcan Systems caters to diverse industries and applications. Their antennas are designed to meet the needs of maritime, aero, land mobility, consumer broadband, and enterprise markets. Whether it’s enhancing connectivity on ships, aircraft, or land vehicles, Alcan Systems provides reliable and efficient data transfer capabilities. Additionally, their antennas are compatible with satellites in different orbital altitudes, including LEO (Low Earth Orbit), MEO (Medium Earth Orbit), and GEO (Geostationary Orbit), supporting a wide range of frequencies such as Ka and Ku bands.

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Empowering Cellular Backhaul and 5G Services

Alcan Systems plays a crucial role in advancing cellular backhaul and enabling the deployment of 5G services. The low-profile, low-power, and low-cost nature of their antennas make them ideal for expanding 3G and 4G coverage by placing them on top of cell towers. This seamless integration not only enhances network coverage but also paves the way for the future of 5G services. Alcan Systems’ antennas serve as critical Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), ensuring efficient transfer of mmWave signals from cell towers into buildings, supporting the growing demand for high-speed data connectivity.





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