Startup Showcase: Wastewater Science – Revolutionizing Water Recycling Solutions

Empowering Communities and Fighting Climate Change Through Wastewater Recovery

Water scarcity and environmental pollution are pressing global issues, but Wastewater Science aims to tackle these challenges head-on. As the winner of the 2015 Maltese Business Idea Competition Climate Launch Pad, Wastewater Science is dedicated to providing natural solutions for water recycling. By implementing their innovative units in areas where wastewater recovery is needed most, they empower communities to become green entrepreneurs while fighting climate change at its source. Let’s delve into the vision of Wastewater Science and explore how they are revolutionizing water recycling.

A Profitable and Sustainable Solution

Wastewater Science recognizes that tackling climate change requires innovative and sustainable solutions. Their plan revolves around installing units for wastewater recovery in areas where agricultural wastewater is a major concern. By implementing these units, Wastewater Science aims to reduce environmental stress caused by waste in the animal agricultural industry. Not only does this approach address a significant environmental challenge, but it also offers a profitable opportunity for all parties involved. The units are designed to provide economic benefits, lower energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint, and enable the recovery of valuable resources.

Empowering Green Entrepreneurs

One of the key aspects of Wastewater Science’s plan is to empower the people in each area where their units are installed to become green entrepreneurs. By selling the units and supporting the establishment of vermi-composting farms, Wastewater Science provides an opportunity for education, support, and economic growth. These farms not only contribute to wastewater recovery but also serve as platforms for educating communities on sustainable practices. By nurturing a network of green entrepreneurs, Wastewater Science envisions a community-driven approach to environmental sustainability and economic development.

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Addressing Wastewater Recovery in Developing Nations

Wastewater recovery from organic waste is a critical need in many developing nations. Wastewater Science recognizes this gap and aims to fill it by providing effective solutions tailored to the specific challenges of these regions. By implementing their units and vermi-composting farms, Wastewater Science enables the recovery of water and valuable nutrients from wastewater, turning a pressing problem into an opportunity for sustainable development. Their approach aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, and Goal 13: Climate Action.

Expert Team at the Helm

Wastewater Science boasts a talented and knowledgeable team that brings extensive expertise to their mission. Dr. Joseph A. Buhagiar, a senior scientist in the Department of Biology at the University of Malta, brings his valuable insights into the scientific aspects of wastewater recovery. Bryan Ogden, with 20 years of media development experience, contributes his expertise in communication and business development. Together, their combined knowledge and passion drive Wastewater Science’s commitment to finding sustainable solutions for water recycling.


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