Startup Showcase: ready2order – Revolutionizing POS Systems

Empowering Small Businesses with Intuitive, User-Friendly Technology

Our startup showcase for today features the innovative company ready2order, a mobile and platform-independent Point of Sale (POS) system born in Vienna, Austria. The firm aims to help entrepreneurs cut through administrative overhead by offering a digital cash register application, simplifying daily business processes and ushering in a new era for small businesses.

The Genesis of ready2order

Originating as a hobby project, ready2order was designed to alleviate the administrative headaches often faced by entrepreneurs. The result is a mobile and platform-independent Point of Sale system that has reshaped the way over 10,000 small business owners operate since summer 2015. From coffee shops and hairdressers to corner kebab stores, ready2order has empowered these entities by creating a simple, effective POS solution.

Diversification and Growth

In the quest to continually simplify business operations, ready2order has ventured into new verticals such as payment and banking. This expansion into Germany is set to provide the company with enormous growth opportunities. By helping businesses, especially small ones, overcome obstacles and navigate through the complexities of regulations and laws, ready2order is indeed a powerful ally in the business world.

Strengthening Small Businesses

Ready2order is not just about providing POS solutions; it’s about strengthening small businesses. With a team of experts from fields such as tax consulting, business, compliance, and law, ready2order builds tools that facilitate independent decision-making and help companies focus on what’s truly important. They believe in clearing the path for businesses to succeed and strive to deliver solutions that enable this.

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From its inception as a hobby project to its current role as a crucial aid for over 10,000 entrepreneurs, ready2order has proven itself a leader in the POS system space. By recognizing the potential for digitalization in simplifying day-to-day operations, they have effectively changed the game for small businesses.

The company’s dedication to enhancing business operations, its expansion into new verticals, and its commitment to support small businesses are reasons why ready2order deserves our spotlight in this Startup Showcase.

To learn more about how ready2order is reshaping the landscape for small businesses, please visit their website and follow them on social media.





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