Startup Showcase: Emulsar – Revolutionizing Homogenous Emulsion Production

Shaping the Future of Emulsion with Innovative, High-Performance Machines

In today’s startup showcase, we spotlight Emulsar, a Paris-based company making waves in homogenous emulsion production. The firm’s advanced, innovative machines cater to several industries including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics.

The Origin of Emulsar

Founded in 2004 by two brothers, Christophe and Frédéric Arnaud, Emulsar has its roots in a combined passion for engineering and entrepreneurship. Christophe, an alumnus of the prestigious Ecole Centrale Paris, brought his wealth of experience from his roles as a research engineer and plant manager in various industries, including cosmetics at the L’Oréal Group. After leaving his position in 2002, he spent two years inventing and developing high-performance emulsification machines, which serve as the backbone of Emulsar’s offerings today.

Frédéric, with his background in business and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship, along with experience in communication in the Euro RSCG Group (Havas), joined his brother in 2003. Together, they set out to shape the future of emulsion production with Emulsar.

Emulsar’s Innovative Approach

Emulsar’s approach to emulsion production is characterized by high-quality, precision-engineered machines that ensure homogenous results. These machines not only revolutionize the process but also allow for optimization and improvement in various industries. By targeting industries like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics, Emulsar’s inventions cater to a broad market, solving critical challenges and improving efficiencies.

Recognition and Achievements

Emulsar’s dedication to innovation and quality hasn’t gone unnoticed. The company was awarded the label of Young Innovative Company (JEI 2004–2011), and it has been a CIR approved body since 2007. Additionally, Emulsar is a member of the Scientific Committee of the World Congress on Emulsion, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

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Emulsar’s rise to success is a testament to the founders’ commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency. The company is not only a leading player in the emulsion production industry but also a driving force in propelling the industry into the future. By continually striving for improvement and better solutions, Emulsar is undoubtedly an exemplary figure in our Startup Showcase.

For more information about Emulsar and its innovative solutions, please visit their website and LinkedIn page.



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