Startup Showcase: Anaxago – Revolutionizing Crowdfunding for Innovative Companies

Unlocking Opportunities for Innovation through Participative Investment

Welcome to our startup showcase featuring Anaxago, a cutting-edge crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting innovative companies. Anaxago aims to disrupt the traditional equity capital investment model by fostering a truly participative and sharing approach. In this showcase, we delve into how Anaxago is transforming the world of crowdfunding and empowering entrepreneurs with financial support, expertise, and a vibrant community.

Redefining Capital Investment with Anaxago

Anaxago introduces a fresh perspective to the crowdfunding landscape by redefining the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional capital investment models driven solely by financial gain, Anaxago emphasizes sharing and participation. By connecting entrepreneurs with a network of investors, Anaxago facilitates not only financial support but also knowledge sharing, experience, and valuable networks. This unique approach sets the stage for a dynamic and collaborative entrepreneurial journey.

Curating a Selective and Innovative Portfolio

Anaxago prides itself on curating a select range of companies each month for its investor community. The platform meticulously evaluates startups and small businesses through a comprehensive financial analysis process. While financial viability is a key criterion, Anaxago places a strong emphasis on selecting companies that offer a real innovative value proposition. This rigorous selection process ensures that investors have access to promising ventures with significant growth potential.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Funding and Support

For young and small companies, securing funding and support is often a significant challenge. Anaxago bridges this gap by providing a platform where entrepreneurs can find the resources they need to grow and develop. By leveraging the power of the crowd, Anaxago gives these companies a chance to be the driving force behind tomorrow’s economic growth. Through the platform, entrepreneurs can not only secure financial backing but also tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of their investors, enabling them to navigate the challenges of business growth with confidence.

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Building a Thriving Community of Investors and Entrepreneurs

Since its launch, Anaxago has rapidly grown its community, attracting over 100,000 members who have collectively invested more than €130 million in funding for over 200 businesses. This thriving ecosystem fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and synergies among investors and entrepreneurs. Anaxago’s platform provides a space where investors can actively participate in the company’s life, contributing to a vibrant entrepreneurial adventure. This unique sense of community distinguishes Anaxago as a powerful catalyst for innovation and economic growth.


Anaxago is revolutionizing the crowdfunding landscape by offering a platform that goes beyond traditional capital investment models. Through their participative and sharing approach, Anaxago empowers entrepreneurs with not only financial support but also valuable expertise and networks. By carefully selecting innovative companies and facilitating meaningful connections between entrepreneurs and investors, Anaxago is redefining the way we approach crowdfunding. With a rapidly growing community and a track record of successful investments, Anaxago is a catalyst for tomorrow’s economic growth and a champion of innovation.


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