Startup Showcase: lingoking – Revolutionizing Access to Services

Transcending Linguistic Barriers in an Interconnected World

Welcome to another edition of our Startup Showcase, featuring lingoking GmbH. Founded in 2008 in Munich, lingoking has become the first universal online marketplace for language services. It is transforming the way we access professional translators and interpreters, anytime, anywhere.

Disrupting the Language Industry: The lingoking Advantage

lingoking arrived in the market with a simple, yet revolutionary idea – to connect clients with professional translators or interpreters within minutes. It began with the aim to eliminate geographical barriers and time constraints that typically plague the language services industry.

lingoking’s online marketplace allows users to access a plethora of language services 24/7, irrespective of their location. The company’s reach has been exponential. Every year, lingoking translates more than 9 million words, provides over 6,000 hours of on-site interpretation, and over 9,500 minutes of telephone interpreting for more than 4,400 clients worldwide.

A Global Network: lingoking’s Breadth and Depth

To fulfill its commitment to providing immediate, professional language services, lingoking relies on its vast network of over 5,100 registered translators and interpreters. The startup’s reach spans more than 840 towns and cities across the globe, attesting to its expansive coverage and commitment to breaking down language barriers.

Comprehensive Language Services: Tailored to Your Needs

What sets lingoking apart is the breadth and depth of its services. The company caters to both businesses and individuals, providing a wide range of language services through all conceivable communication channels.

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From translating apps, websites, contracts, and novels to providing on-the-spot interpreting for phone calls, sworn interpreting in court, or interpreting at training courses, trade fairs, and corporate events – lingoking has got you covered. Their services are not just comprehensive but also tailored to fit the specific needs of their diverse clientele.

Wrapping Up

In our Startup Showcase, we seek to highlight disruptive startups making remarkable strides in their respective industries. lingoking certainly fits the bill with its unique online marketplace that has revolutionized the way we access professional language services.

For those seeking to transcend language barriers, lingoking offers an innovative and convenient solution. The future of language services is here, and it is exciting to see how lingoking continues to innovate in this space.

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