Startup Showcase: pado – Transforming into a Community Experience

Redefining Parking with Innovation and Sustainability

Welcome to our Startup Showcase, featuring an emerging tech startup, pado, based in Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. With an innovative solution that turns the parking challenge into a community-driven, efficient experience, pado is reimagining how we think about and manage parking.

Community-centric Approach: Building the pado Ecosystem

Unlike many other parking solutions on the market, pado’s unique selling point lies in the creation and dynamic cultivation of a community. Their alpha-level parking app not only addresses existing parking slots worldwide but also encourages users to actively engage with each other for efficient and sustainable management of parking slots.

The community-centric approach fosters cooperation and communication among users. This innovative idea creates a sense of ownership among users, leading to an efficient and sustainable approach to managing parking slots.

Expanding Scope: Beyond Just Parking

pado is more than just a parking solution. It’s a platform that can be extended with additional features, including Dynamic Slot Offering, Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS), Data Ownership Platform, and Thermal Management optimisation for electric vehicles.

These additional services bring added value to users and broaden pado’s market scope. Each of these aspects is encapsulated in a provisional patent filing containing 20 innovation claims, reflecting the startup’s commitment to continual innovation and advancement.

Preparing for Launch: Moving Forward

Following successful alpha testing, which confirmed their hypothesis and provided valuable feedback from different user groups, pado is preparing to fully launch their app and online platforms in Q2/2021. This launch aims to generate traction and create necessary metrics to attract investors for further native app development and go-to-market execution.

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Final Thoughts

In our Startup Showcase, we spotlight startups that redefine norms, and pado does just that. By transforming the parking challenge into a community-driven experience, pado is innovatively reshaping how we approach parking. By not only providing a platform for parking but also expanding it to include additional features, pado is making parking more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly.



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