Startup Showcase: Venios – Powering the Future with Innovative Software

Revolutionizing Energy Management with Spatio-Temporal Analysis

Revolutionizing Energy Management with Spatio-Temporal Analysis

In today’s Startup Showcase, we turn the spotlight onto Frankfurt-based startup Venios. Founded in 2012, Venios is reshaping the way we approach energy management through their ground-breaking software solutions, particularly aimed at addressing emerging challenges in energy supply.

Ground-breaking Technology: The Venios Platform

Venios’s core technology, the Venios Energy Platform (VEP), is a testament to their innovative spirit. The VEP is specifically designed for spatio-temporal analysis of electrical energy systems, effectively allowing real-time, location-specific assessments and adjustments in energy supply.

This platform can handle massive parallel processing of various data sources and models, earning it a spot in the big data realm. It opens up possibilities for a comprehensive metrological recording of network areas and provides in-depth analyses of local generation and consumption.

Analytical Capabilities: Visualizing Load Flows

One of the defining features of the Venios system is its ability to model and calculate load flows. Using existing or derived information about local network topology and equipment, the system can create a comprehensive load flow model.

This data is then prepared graphically and made available through a Geo Information System (GIS), providing a visually intuitive and user-friendly interface. This ability to visualize load flows offers significant value to energy managers and grid operators, making it easier for them to monitor and manage energy distribution.

Award-winning Innovation and Expertise

Venios’s pioneering approaches haven’t gone unnoticed. They have received multiple awards for their innovative work in the energy sector. The startup is committed to sharing its research and development findings and regularly presents and publishes these insights.

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The team at Venios is an ensemble of expertise, with the majority of its staff consisting of PhD graduates and specialists in fields such as physics, engineering, and computer science. Their multidisciplinary approach brings a unique perspective to their innovative solutions.

Final Thoughts

In our Startup Showcase, we aim to spotlight startups that are redefining industries. Venios is undeniably one such startup, revolutionizing the energy sector with their unique software solutions. Their dedication to solving the new challenges in energy supply with cutting-edge technology is not only impressive but also vital for the sustainable future of our planet.

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