Startup Showcase: hybris – Empowering Digital Commerce Innovation

Revolutionizing Multi-Channel Commerce and Order Management

Welcome to our startup showcase featuring hybris, a Munich-based company that offers enterprise software and on-demand solutions for multi-channel commerce, master data management, and order management. hybris is at the forefront of driving innovation and empowering businesses to succeed in the digital commerce landscape. In this showcase, we explore how hybris delivers cutting-edge solutions that enable retailers, manufacturers, distributors, telcos, and digital media publishers to create perpetual digital relationships with their customers.

Enabling Seamless Multi-Channel Commerce

hybris understands the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience across various touchpoints and channels. The company’s enterprise software and on-demand solutions provide businesses with the tools to innovate and sell more goods, services, and digital content. Whether it’s e-commerce, mobile commerce, or other emerging channels, hybris helps businesses leverage every touchpoint and device to engage customers and drive sales. With hybris, businesses can effectively navigate the complexities of multi-channel commerce and deliver consistent and compelling experiences to their customers.

Unified View through Master Data Management

A key aspect of hybris’s offering is its state-of-the-art master data management capabilities. By providing businesses with a unified view of their customers, products, and orders, hybris enables companies to make informed decisions and deliver personalized experiences. The comprehensive master data management solution offered by hybris ensures that businesses have accurate and up-to-date information, facilitating effective decision-making and driving customer satisfaction. With a single view of the business, organizations can streamline their operations, optimize their supply chains, and deliver a consistent brand experience.

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Agile, Scalable, and Future-Proof Commerce Platform

hybris’s omni-channel software is built on a single platform that is agile, scalable, and extensible. By leveraging open standards and adopting an innovative approach, hybris enables businesses to drive limitless innovation and adapt to evolving customer demands. The platform provides the flexibility to support various business models, from on-premise to on-demand and managed hosted solutions. With hybris, companies can future-proof their commerce strategies and be equipped to meet the ever-changing dynamics of the digital commerce landscape.

Trusted by Global Industry Leaders

hybris has established itself as a trusted partner for companies across various industries. More than 500 companies have chosen hybris to power their digital commerce operations. Global B2B sites such as W.W. Grainger, Rexel, General Electric, and Thomson Reuters, as well as consumer brands like Toys“R”Us, Metro, Bridgestone, and Levi’s, rely on hybris to drive their online sales and customer engagement. The fact that hybris is consistently recognized as a leader by principal industry analyst firms highlights the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that meet the needs of its clients.


hybris is revolutionizing the world of digital commerce with its enterprise software and on-demand solutions. By empowering businesses to innovate, sell more, and create perpetual digital relationships with their customers, hybris is driving growth and success in the industry. Through its focus on multi-channel commerce, master data management, and order management, hybris provides businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital era. With an agile and scalable commerce platform, hybris is shaping the future of commerce.

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