Startup Showcase: FIND.Fashion—Transforming How You Search for Style

The Future of Fashion Search Is Not in Words, It's in Visuals

Welcome to’ Startup Showcase! Today we spotlight FIND.Fashion, an Estonian-based startup that’s on a mission to revolutionize how we search and discover fashion online.

The Problem with Fashion Search Today

Let’s face it: online fashion search is broken. Ever tried searching for an article of clothing you can picture but can’t quite describe? Your search queries come up empty, not because the product doesn’t exist, but because you don’t have the words to define it. The industry has been suffering from an identity crisis; it lacks a universal taxonomy to describe fashion, and thereby loses half of its potential sales. Why? Because if you can’t find it, you can’t buy it. Traditional search methods have proven to be inefficient for an industry that is inherently visual. This is where FIND.Fashion comes in.

The New Language of Fashion—Visual Search

FIND.Fashion offers a pioneering approach to this problem: a visual language for eCommerce search. Think of it as predictive personalization, but in a way, you never thought possible. Instead of relying on inadequate text-based descriptions, the system surfaces products based on how much you like their look, even when you can’t put that look into words. This not only makes it easier for shoppers but also transforms the browsing experience from a tedious task to a pleasurable exploration.

By creating this new language, FIND.Fashion does more than just facilitate searches. It’s essentially offering a rich, nuanced palette of expressions that shoppers can use to identify exactly what they are looking for. This is a game-changer for an industry where the subtleties of design, texture, and style are often too complex for words.

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The Benefits—For Shoppers and Retailers Alike

This innovative approach promises to solve a dual problem. On the consumer end, it will dramatically reduce the time spent on unsuccessful searches and make online shopping more efficient and enjoyable. On the retailer end, it promises a boost in sales and customer engagement. It’s a win-win situation.

Imagine not having to sift through thousands of products you dislike to find the one item you love. Imagine the potential for fashion retailers, whose sales could double simply by making their products more findable. FIND.Fashion’s visual language aims to bridge the gap between what shoppers want and what they can find, and in doing so, transform the world of fashion eCommerce.

Ready to Find Your Fashion?

FIND.Fashion’s visual search technology is on the cusp of transforming not just the fashion industry but potentially how we approach online search for visually oriented products. It’s not just an evolution; it’s a revolution in how we interact with the online retail world.

To learn more about this exciting startup, visit their website and follow them on social media:

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