Startup Showcase: RAZORFOCUS—Revolutionizing Focus in Film Production

The Future of Filmmaking Focus Is Here, and It's Automated

Welcome to another exciting installment of’ Startup Showcase! Today we’re turning the lens towards RAZORFOCUS, a Sofia-based startup that is automating focus in TV and film production in groundbreaking ways.

Revolutionizing an Age-Old Technique

Catching or pulling focus in photography and cinema has seen an evolutionary process that stretches from the 19th century’s manual focus pulling to the 20th century’s semi-manual and remote-controlled methods. However, RAZORFOCUS believes it’s time for this process to take a 21st-century leap. The system they offer brings together laser measuring, electronic pulling, and object tracking, managed through user-friendly software. The aim is to save on production costs, time, and errors—up to 25% of the total film production cost to be exact.

How Does It Work?

RAZORFOCUS’s system is automated but also allows for human-driven follow focus. The system comprises four basic elements:

  1. A laser and measuring unit
  2. An electronic module and gear that controls all mechanisms
  3. Another electronic module specifically for calculations
  4. A tablet or other mobile devices for system management

These elements work in harmony to ensure that the camera’s focus is maintained perfectly throughout the filming process, thereby drastically reducing mistakes.

By the Numbers—Cost Savings

RAZORFOCUS is not just an innovative solution; it’s a cost-saving miracle for producers. Here’s a look at the kind of money one can save by using the RAZORFOCUS system:

  • Up to $25,000 per TV ad
  • Up to $600,000 per TV movie
  • Up to $1,000,000 per independent film
  • Up to $12,000,000 per Hollywood blockbuster
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These numbers make it clear that RAZORFOCUS is not merely a technological advance, but a financially wise investment for anyone in the filmmaking industry.

Looking to the Future

As filmmakers increasingly embrace technology to solve complex problems, systems like RAZORFOCUS are setting a new standard for what is possible. Whether you are an independent producer or a Hollywood bigwig, the time and financial savings enabled by this system make it an essential tool in modern film and TV production.

If you’re involved in the film industry and are looking for ways to optimize your production process, RAZORFOCUS should be at the top of your list of solutions to explore.

For more information, you can follow RAZORFOCUS on social media:

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