Startup Showcase: Fashinating – Helping You Discover the Perfect Outfit Online

Are you tired of spending hours scrolling through endless pages of clothes online, trying to find the perfect outfit? Look no further than Fashinating, the Cyprus-based startup that helps you discover, track, and shop for apparel, accessories, shoes, and jewelry online.

The Problem: The Overwhelming Choice of Online Fashion Retail

Online fashion retail is one of the most popular categories of e-shopping in many countries, including the UK and the US, with growth rates of up to 20%. However, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. For example, shopping for t-shirts on Amazon UK gives you over one million different options to choose from. With so many options available, it can be challenging to find the perfect outfit.

The Solution: Fashinating’s Fashion Discovery Process

Fashinating has developed a patented fashion discovery process that profiles users’ actions and makes targeted product recommendations in real-time. This ensures that users see the best clothing options out of the millions available. Fashinating’s recommendation engine gathers user data quickly and utilizes it to provide personalized suggestions. The result? Visitors add an average of 8 products to their favorites per visit.

Fashinating’s Process: How It Works

Fashinating’s process begins with users creating an account and adding items to their favorites list. The system then profiles their actions and makes targeted product recommendations based on their accumulated profile. Users can also search for products by category or keyword, and filter their results based on price, brand, or color.

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Fashinating’s partnerships with over 250 online retailers, including GAP, Asos, Farfetch, French Connection, and Ted Baker, ensure that users have access to a vast selection of high-quality clothing options. Fashinating also features large pictures of each item, helping users make the right choice.

Fashinating’s Success: Co-Branding Solutions and Global Expansion

Fashinating has seen tremendous success since its launch in 2010. The startup operates seven co-branding solutions for publishers such as Microsoft and Men’s Health, and operates in three distinct country markets. Its users have added over 8 million products to their favorites to date, and the platform features over 200,000 products.

Fashinating has been funded to date by its founders, select angels, and the Openfund. The company holds a pending US patent on its fashion discovery process, making it a unique player in the online fashion retail space.

In Conclusion: The Future of Online Fashion Retail

The online fashion retail industry is constantly evolving, and Fashinating is leading the way with its innovative fashion discovery process. As the industry continues to grow, Fashinating’s targeted recommendations and partnerships with top online retailers make it a top contender in the market.




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