Is Virtual Football Club Ownership the Next Big Trend in Sports Gaming?

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With the popularization of eSports and the growth of virtual gaming, the sports gaming industry has been evolving rapidly. Football President, a multiplayer game developed out of Amsterdam by founder Husain Fazel, offers a new venture for sports & gaming enthusiasts around the world. The question is, “Is Virtual Football Club Ownership the Next Big Trend in Sports Gaming?”

Football President is a football simulation massively multiplayer online game (MMO). It gives players the illusion of managing, owning, and running their own football club. The game is taking the experience of Fantasy Football to another level by adding more real-life aspects of managing a football club, from financial dealings to player strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Football President allows players the full experience of virtually owning and managing a football club.
  • The game embraces a freemium model, relying on advertisements and in-game currency for monetization.
  • Players have the option to subscribe to a service for personal use or group gaming.

What sets Football President apart is its comprehensive approach to the virtual gaming landscape. Instead of focusing solely on the players and matches, this game lets users experience the administrative and financial aspects of a football club, thereby providing a well-rounded simulation of club ownership.

The game’s business model is also worth noting. It operates on the freemium model, providing access for free but relying on in-game advertisements and an in-game currency for monetization. This currency can be purchased and used by players to increase their personal funds or the balance sheet of their club.

The future of Football President and the industry it inhabits looks promising indeed. The intersection of sports and tech is unlocking new realms of experiences for users, enhancing engagement, and creating vast monetization avenues. As a truly innovative startup, Football President is well-positioned to ride this wave and change the face of sports gaming.

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Furthermore, considering the increasing popularity of eSports and online gaming, no one can negate the high potential of the virtual sports gaming industry. Football President might just be a glimpse into the future of massively multiplayer online games. If you’d like to learn more about the game or follow their journey, check them out at, or follow them on their social platforms; Twitter, and Facebook.

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