Startup Showcase:, Revolutionizing Creatives with AI Eye-Tracking

Reshaping the design process with machine learning insights

Welcome to our Startup Showcase, the spotlight series featuring the most promising startups around Europe. This time, we delve into the heart of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to introduce you to, an AI-powered platform that’s reshaping the way we analyze and improve visual content.

Intelligent Eye-Tracking Solution stands out with its innovative approach to improving creative content. Their AI-powered eye-tracking solution analyzes images and videos in mere minutes, providing accurate heatmaps that highlight what exactly captures the viewer’s attention. This ability to ‘predict’ what elements within a creative design get noticed equips designers with invaluable insights, enabling them to optimize their work to garner maximum engagement.

User-Friendly Interface for Every Creative

The mission of is clear: to equip everyone with the tools needed to develop the best possible creative designs. Be it marketers, graphic designers, or content creators, anyone can use their user-friendly platform to get actionable insights. By uploading their creative content, users can immediately generate heatmaps based on their preference, making it easier than ever to test and improve designs.

Streamlining Design Process

The platform offers more than just insightful analytics; it also enhances the overall design process. Its capability to quickly provide actionable results allows for in-process testing, facilitating iterative improvements without disrupting the creative flow. Thus, not only augments design quality but also significantly optimizes the design process, saving creators time and effort.

In a world where visual content is king, is empowering creators to develop captivating designs with the power of AI. By combining technology and creativity, this startup is driving forward the digital content industry and democratizing access to high-level design insights.

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For more information about, you can visit their website and social media platforms:

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