Startup Showcase: & NIPED, Personalizing Health Management with Patented Tech

Welcome to our latest Startup Showcase, where we highlight innovative European startups making a significant impact in their fields. Today, we turn our focus to Hoorn, Noord-Holland in The Netherlands, featuring & NIPED, a startup revolutionizing personal health management with their patented e-health platform.

Validated Expert System for Personalized Health Profiles

At the heart of & NIPED’s approach is a scientifically validated expert system. This technology enables users to establish and monitor a personal health profile via a secure online account, further enriched with additional biometrics and laboratory research data. With its low-threshold and scientifically founded structure, the platform is aimed to embed personal health management seamlessly into healthcare systems, empowering patients to take an active role in their health journey.

Tailored Interventions: Matching Health Profiles with Local Care

In addition to helping users create detailed health profiles, & NIPED also guides them to appropriate interventions when necessary. By matching the health profile with the best-suited medical, psychological, and lifestyle interventions in the area, & NIPED ensures personalized and effective care for each individual. This feature highlights & NIPED’s commitment to bridging the gap between health data and practical, personalized health management.

Prevention Applications: Concrete Tools for Personal Health Management

& NIPED’s e-health platform has been deployed in various preventive applications. These include,, and Through these platforms, users can conduct comprehensive health checks and receive personalized advice and guidance, making personal health management more accessible and effective.

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& NIPED is making a significant stride in the healthcare industry by enhancing personal health management through their innovative e-health platform. As the healthcare sector evolves, & NIPED’s commitment to personalized, data-driven healthcare holds the potential to greatly enhance patient engagement and overall healthcare outcomes.

For more information about & NIPED, visit their website and social media platforms:

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