Startup Showcase: Craft AI, Pioneering MLOps for Full-Scale AI Production

Pushing boundaries of AI deployment and ethics in the European market

Welcome to our Startup Showcase, where we highlight groundbreaking European startups that are redefining industries. Today, we are introducing Craft AI, a startup hailing from the heart of Paris, France, that aims to make the full potential of AI accessible to enterprises across various industries.

Revolutionizing AI Deployment with MLOps

Craft AI has built its foundations on a striking statistic: 85% of AI projects never make it into production, with 93% of collected data remaining unused. They have developed an innovative MLOps platform that serves as a bridge between AI development and deployment, ensuring the successful transition of AI projects into production at record speeds. By leveraging their solution, businesses can stop leaving valuable data on the table and start gaining the massive productivity benefits AI has to offer.

Cross-Industry Implementation

One of the strengths of Craft AI’s platform is its versatility. The company already supports clients from a diverse range of industries such as Energy, Healthcare, Education, Retail, and Financial Services. Their goal is to ensure fast return on investment for their clients, no matter the sector. As the AI market continues to expand, Craft AI’s broad industry applicability is poised to drive its success and growth.

Ethical and Responsible AI

Craft AI doesn’t only focus on economic performance, they also aim to pioneer ethical and responsible AI usage. Their commitment to creating explainable algorithms ensures transparency, a crucial factor in the trustworthy adoption of AI. Moreover, the respect for citizens’ privacy and the emphasis on energy efficiency demonstrate their dedication to a future where AI is not only technologically advanced but also socially conscious and sustainable.

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Craft AI is a game changer in the realm of MLOps and AI production, providing enterprises with the tools they need to unleash the full potential of their data. As they pave the way for responsible and ethical AI practices, they’re not only reshaping the AI landscape but also setting an example for the rest of the industry.

Want to discover more about Craft AI and their pioneering MLOps platform? You can find them at:

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