Startup Showcase: EurActiv – Revolutionizing EU News Across Languages

Breaking Down Language Barriers to Bring Europe Closer

In the heart of Brussels, Belgium, EurActiv, a European media network, is crafting a new era in EU news and policy debates. With content available in over 12 languages, EurActiv is demolishing language barriers and providing its users with a unified view of the European Union (EU) landscape. The startup targets EU policy and business stakeholders, journalists, NGOs, and other multipliers across Europe, making it a one-stop shop for comprehensive EU news and policy discussions.

EurActiv: Championing Multilingualism in European Media

EurActiv has revolutionized the way people consume EU news by making it accessible in more than 12 languages. This multilingual approach is not just about inclusivity; it’s about understanding the nuances of each country’s perspective on EU matters. Each language used by EurActiv is not merely a translation but a lens into the socio-political context of each country, offering a richer, more in-depth understanding of EU affairs.

The startup works closely with co-branded partner publications in countries including Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, and Turkey. This extensive network ensures that over 80% of EurActiv’s readers can access EU news and policy debates in their mother tongue.

Beyond the News: EurActiv’s Impact and Growth

Founded in 1999, EurActiv has become more than just a news outlet. With over 2.8 million page views and 660,524 ‘unique visitors’ per month, it has evolved into a leading online media platform on EU affairs. Through its modern technological platform and Europe-wide network, EurActiv has transformed into a point of reference for key EU decision-makers, journalists, and thousands of curious minds seeking insight into EU policies and developments.

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EurActiv’s success lies in its ability to connect different voices across Europe and bring them together in one place. By offering a comparison of major stakeholder positions, original source documents, and informed opinions from guru bloggers, it not only reports the news but also encourages informed debates and discussions.

With its growing influence and reach, EurActiv promises to play an increasingly vital role in shaping the narrative of EU news and policy debates. The startup’s continuous effort to bridge language gaps and facilitate greater understanding across Europe makes it a unique and valuable resource for anyone interested in European affairs.

To stay updated with EurActiv’s latest news and policy discussions or to become a part of their multilingual community, you can connect with them on their website and social media platforms:

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