Italian Travel Startups: A New Wave of Innovation in the Tourism Sector

A closer look at 15 startups that are changing the landscape of travel in Italy with inventive solutions and services

Italy, known for its breathtaking landscapes, cultural heritage, and delectable cuisine, is now becoming recognized for another thing: innovation in the travel industry. In the wake of the digital revolution, numerous Italian startups are disrupting the sector with ground-breaking solutions aimed at improving all aspects of travel. Here is a snapshot of 15 such promising startups:

1. ParkingMyCar

Embracing the autonomous vehicles revolution, ParkingMyCar offers smart transportation services, making it easier for travelers to manage their commutes.

2. Utravel

Co-founded by Gianluca Di Donato, Utravel tailors travel experiences specifically for university students and under-30 travelers, providing all-inclusive holiday packages and removing travel-related stress.


Bridging the gap between aerospace and tourism, MIPRONS is developing a space propulsion system for nanosatellites, aiming to revolutionize space travel.

4. The Orange Seed

The Orange Seed is a travel-tech firm providing innovative digital solutions to streamline operations in the travel industry.

5. Italy Refund

In the event of delayed or cancelled flights, Italy Refund steps in to assist passengers in claiming their due compensation, bringing much-needed relief to frustrated travelers.

6. True Italian Experience

As its name suggests, True Italian Experience offers a digital platform to help tourists fully immerse themselves in the authentic Italian experience.

7. Overbooking

Overbooking is a mobile app that assists travelers with bookings, time optimization, and relocation services, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

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8. Live Music Travel

Live Music Travel is perfect for music enthusiasts, offering tailored tours that combine the best of travel and live music experiences.

9. Bags Parking

Bags Parking offers a much-needed luggage storage service, allowing tourists to enjoy their journeys without having to carry around heavy bags.

10. Foodoso

Keeping hygiene and taste at the forefront, Foodoso ensures travelers don’t have to compromise on their meals, providing spicy and properly cooked meals on-the-go.

11. Rotourland

Rotourland is a travel marketing agency working with major national and international brands, boosting their presence within the competitive travel market.

12. Farwel

Farwel is a consultancy firm focusing on corporate travel, offering personalized welfare plans to manage and streamline corporate services.

13. FindUrBag

FindUrBag is an IT firm providing solutions to one of the biggest pain points for travelers: lost luggage. Their tracking system offers peace of mind to globetrotters everywhere.

14. Welcomeasy

Welcomeasy is a mobile application that optimizes the check-in process for tourists, rental apartments, and holiday homes, saving valuable time for both hosts and guests.

15. Eventi Animazione

Eventi Animazione, an international animation events company, specializes in tailoring unique events and entertainment experiences, adding a unique flavor to any travel journey.

Each of these startups is contributing in its own way to the transformation of the Italian travel industry. They are pushing boundaries, embracing technology, and introducing innovative approaches to make travel easier, smoother, and more enjoyable for all. The future of travel in Italy looks bright indeed.

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