Startup Showcase: Solved – Collaborative Incident Management and Root-Cause Analysis for Food Supply Chains

Solved is a revolutionary platform that offers incident management and root-cause analysis solutions to various stakeholders within the food supply chain. The platform is the brainchild of a group of seasoned software developers who understand the challenges that food factories face when managing internal incidents and customer complaints. The company’s software replaces the manual incident management process with an intuitive and collaborative solution that saves users a lot of time, effort and resources.

Revolutionizing the Food Industry

Solved’s mission is to digitize and automate the food supply chain by introducing innovative solutions that make collaboration and communication between stakeholders more efficient. One of the most significant challenges in the food industry is the lack of a unified system for managing and resolving incidents. The manual process of recording and reporting incidents on paper or Excel sheets is prone to errors and can lead to the loss of vital information. With Solved, food factories and other stakeholders within the supply chain can quickly report and track incidents, manage customer complaints, and perform root-cause analysis collaboratively, saving time and resources.

Intuitive Incident Management

Solved’s incident management software is intuitive and easy to use. Users can quickly report incidents, create cases, track progress, and receive notifications when updates are made. All stakeholders involved in the incident resolution process can collaborate on the same platform, and the exchange of information is simplified, which eliminates the need for emails and phone calls. The software’s dashboard provides a detailed view of all incidents and allows users to perform root-cause analysis to identify and address the underlying issues causing the incidents.

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Empowering Stakeholders in the Food Supply Chain

Solved’s platform empowers all stakeholders in the food supply chain, including food factories, supermarkets, big corporates, and others, to work collaboratively towards resolving incidents and improving the overall efficiency of the food supply chain. With Solved, everyone works on the same system, making communication and collaboration more efficient and streamlined. Additionally, by addressing root causes and implementing corrective actions, Solved helps reduce the incidence of incidents in the future, which is essential for improving food safety and quality.

In Conclusion

Solved is a game-changer in the food industry, offering incident management and root-cause analysis solutions that are collaborative, efficient, and intuitive. The platform’s ability to connect stakeholders within the food supply chain, its ease of use, and its ability to perform root-cause analysis make it an essential tool for anyone involved in food production, from food factories to supermarkets. With Solved, the food industry can become more efficient, sustainable and safe, making it a critical solution for today’s food supply chain challenges.



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