Startup Showcase: Eggup Unleashes Soft Skills Potential

Revolutionising HR Tech with Soft Skills and HR Analytics

Welcome back to another episode of Startup Showcase, the segment where we bring you the most exciting startups from across the EU. Today, we’re spotlighting Eggup, a dynamic Rome-based startup in the HR-Tech industry. Through their innovative SaaS platform, Eggup is helping companies across the globe unleash the potential of their team’s soft skills.

Maximising Talent Acquisition

At the core of Eggup’s solution is the idea of leveraging soft skills, often undervalued, yet essential assets in today’s business world. For talent acquisition, Eggup uses a database of 290 soft skills to create virtually unlimited assessment combinations. This comprehensive and versatile system allows businesses to hone in on the specific skills their roles require, ensuring the right fit each time.

Boosting Team Performance with Analysis

Beyond individual skills, Eggup extends its soft skills focus to team dynamics. With its team analysis tool, the platform evaluates each team member’s personality traits. The objective is to gauge team potential and effectiveness, facilitating the creation of top-performing teams. This approach acknowledges the diversity of teams and leverages it as a strength, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.

Smart Coach for People Development

A significant part of Eggup’s service suite is its innovative Smart Coach for employee engagement and candidate experience. This recommendation engine provides personalised suggestions for micro-learning to develop soft skills, including recommended books, movies, and courses. It’s a thoughtful approach to professional development that engages employees on a personal level, making the learning process enjoyable and beneficial.

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API Integration for Streamlined Processes

Eggup’s platform is not just revolutionary in concept, but also in functionality. It can be easily integrated into third-party systems through API exchanges, making it versatile and easy to adopt for any business, regardless of their current system setup.

Eggup: Shaping the Future of HR

Eggup’s innovative approach to HR processes demonstrates a forward-thinking perspective on the future of work. By focusing on soft skills, Eggup is playing a crucial role in shaping a world where empathy, creativity, and collaboration are valued as much as traditional technical skills.

Through its offerings, Eggup doesn’t just enable businesses to leverage their resources better but also helps create an environment that encourages continuous learning and growth.

In an increasingly automated world, the human element remains crucial, and it’s here that Eggup truly shines, making it a startup to watch in the HR-Tech space.


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