Startup Showcase: proUnity Revolutionising Digital Workforce Solutions

Transforming External Staff Management with Unique Digital Solutions

Welcome to this edition of Startup Showcase on Today we spotlight proUnity, a Belgian start-up transforming how companies manage, select, and contract their external staff. Headquartered in Woluwé-saint-pierre, Brussels, proUnity offers an innovative digital workforce solution that revolutionises hiring and managing external personnel.

Streamlining Hiring Process with Vendor Management System

The cornerstone of proUnity’s offerings is their unique Vendor Management System. This cloud-based platform is designed to streamline every step of the hiring process, from candidate selection to contract management, time registration, and billing. The platform leverages robust Microsoft technology for security and reliability while integrating seamlessly with existing systems.

One of the major advantages of proUnity’s Vendor Management System is its user-friendly interface. Businesses can efficiently manage the recruitment, contract, and payment aspects, saving significant time and resources.

Marketplace: Connecting Businesses with External Experts

proUnity’s innovative solution extends beyond the Vendor Management System with their inclusive Marketplace feature. Businesses can access a whole market of external workers with just a single click, sharing their missions with thousands of freelancers and hundreds of service providers. To maximise reach and visibility, all missions are shared across social media platforms, increasing the chances of finding the perfect fit for each role.

Managed Service Provider: Expert Assistance for Workforce Management

For businesses lacking the time or expertise to manage their contingent workforce, proUnity provides a Managed Service Provider solution. The experienced support team assists with recruitment and management processes, offering new talents, existing suppliers follow-up, and tailor-made advice. The Managed Service Provider solution ensures businesses maintain control over key processes while receiving dedicated support.

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Benefits for Companies

The advantages of using proUnity’s platform are manifold. Firstly, it optimises budgets, with businesses able to save 7.5% of the total cost for all their external resources. The platform encourages competition within a controlled marketplace, allowing immediate access to all expertise areas and avoiding unnecessary third parties. It ensures transparency, leading to a fair market price for everyone.

Secondly, proUnity helps businesses hire faster, reducing time-to-market. The platform’s efficient system and expansive marketplace enable companies to find the right experts quickly, improving project delivery.

Finally, proUnity offers businesses a streamlined recruitment process and contingent workforce management from a single platform. Real-time data and insights provide businesses with a clear understanding of their budget and workforce situation, preventing unauthorised hiring and unexpected expenses.


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