Startup Showcase: edeally – Reinventing Local Shopping with Exclusive Deals

Boosting Local Commerce One Deal at a Time

In the heart of Brest, Bretagne, France, a startup named edeally is redefining the local shopping experience. By marrying cutting-edge mobile technology with the charm and importance of local commerce, edeally offers exclusive deals for savvy shoppers on-the-go, bringing local shops into the limelight and rewarding users for their loyalty and civic-mindedness.

1. Bridging Local Shoppers with Local Shops

While many apps and platforms offer discounts, edeally stands out by targeting local commerce exclusively. For users, it’s more than just another shopping app; it’s an invitation to explore and discover the shops around them. By presenting exclusive discounts from nearby stores, edeally encourages foot traffic, ensuring that local businesses thrive in an era dominated by e-commerce giants. The process is seamless: spot a deal, visit the shop, and scan a QR code at the checkout to enjoy exclusive discounts.

2. More Than Discounts: Rewarding Civic Engagement

edeally isn’t just about saving money; it’s about building a community and fostering local economic growth. Every purchase made via the app contributes to the local economy, and in recognition of this, edeally goes a step further. It rewards its users with coins, which can later be used to claim various prizes within the application. From Deezer subscriptions to movie tickets and more, the rewards are enticing, nudging users towards more frequent local shopping adventures.

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For businesses, the benefits are manifold. Not only does it offer them a platform to reach a new breed of consumers – the mobinaut – but it also offers them unparalleled visibility both online and offline. In a world where local businesses often get overshadowed by large franchises, edeally provides them with the digital arsenal to hold their ground and even flourish.

3. The Journey So Far and the Team Behind It

Launched exclusively in Brest in October, edeally has garnered significant traction, boasting over 800 users and partnerships with 60 local shops. This impressive feat is the result of the combined efforts of its co-founders: David MARC and Emilien MATTE, both alumni of the Brest Business School, along with the technical prowess of computer engineer, Kevin Regnier.

The team’s passion and commitment to local businesses have not gone unnoticed. The startup has the distinction of being a part of the prestigious incubator “Produit en Bretagne France Business School”, which is known for nurturing innovative projects deeply rooted in local values.

Conclusion: A Local Revolution in the Making

edeally is more than just a mobile app offering deals; it’s a movement. A movement that brings attention back to the local businesses, the heart and soul of any community. It serves as a reminder that while e-commerce platforms offer convenience, there’s a unique charm in walking into a local shop, interacting with the shopkeeper, and enjoying the tactile experience of shopping. With its growing user base and expanding list of partner shops, edeally is all set to reshape the shopping landscape of Brest and, hopefully, beyond.

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