Startup Showcase: 360Cities – Immersing Viewers in Geo-tagged Panoramas

Revolutionizing Visual Storytelling: A Virtual World Awaits

Welcome to the Startup Showcase on, where we spotlight innovative European startups disrupting industries. This edition dives deep into the world of panoramic photography, placing the spotlight on a Prague-based startup that has been rewriting the rules of immersive visual experiences.

1. 360Cities: Panoramic Dreams Realized

From the architectural beauty of Prague to the bustling streets of Tokyo, 360Cities makes it possible for you to be virtually anywhere without leaving the comfort of your home. Boasting a massive collection of high-resolution, spherical panoramas from around the world, 360Cities stands out as a curator of the world’s finest immersive panoramic photography.

But 360Cities is more than just a gallery. Its aim? To make 360° Virtual Reality (VR) photography mainstream, opening the door to innovative applications and experiences using geographic data. The startup envisions covering hundreds of cities, offering tens of thousands of breathtaking vistas. Whether it’s the northern lights in Iceland or a tranquil temple in Thailand, they want to ensure that every skilled VR photographer gets a platform to showcase their art.

2. More than Just Photos: A Community of Creatives

What makes 360Cities genuinely unique is its community-driven approach. The platform is not just for professionals; it invites any skilled VR photographer to upload and publish their panoramic art. Recognizing that everyone starts somewhere, 360Cities has a dedication to nurturing budding talent. The team is eager to guide inexperienced photographers, helping them reach and maintain the high standards the platform is known for.

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Additionally, 360Cities is a haven for businesses. Whether it’s a small-scale local business looking for increased visibility or a larger organization requiring a comprehensive VR photography and mapping website, 360Cities provides tailored solutions. From resorts to research projects, their services are versatile, dynamic, and catered to a wide array of needs.

3. Leadership and Key Milestones

Founded by Jeffrey Martin, who took on the role of CEO, and David Martinelli, the CTO, 360Cities has experienced several pivotal moments in its journey. Notably, Bruce Pales was added as CEO in 2008, followed by the introduction of Steven P. Hercher as COO. The platform received angel funding, a testament to its potential and the confidence investors have in its future.

Several products are worth highlighting, such as their managed VR websites and content licensing endeavors. The 360Cities world map of panoramas stands out as a remarkable feature, offering users a virtual globe dotted with immersive experiences waiting to be explored.

Conclusion: The Future is Panoramic

In an era where visual storytelling is paramount, 360Cities is at the forefront, offering viewers a chance to dive into new worlds, cultures, and experiences. With its commitment to quality, community, and innovation, the startup is well poised to redefine the way we view the world.

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