Startup Showcase: Climendo—Revolutionizing How We View Weather Forecasts

Raining in on Traditional Weather Apps: The Swedish Startup Offering a Side-by-Side Comparison of Weather Forecasts

Welcome to this week’s Startup Showcase on Today, we’re excited to spotlight Climendo, the Stockholm-based startup that’s flipping the script on how we interact with weather forecasts. Founded by surfers with an eye for innovation and a heart for environmental sustainability, Climendo has received global attention for its unique approach to weather forecasting.

Beyond Single Forecasts: The Power of Comparison

Climendo is not your ordinary weather app. Unlike traditional weather services that provide you with a single forecast, Climendo allows users to compare up to five of the most accurate forecasts for their specific location, side by side, right on the app or website. While the startup does not produce its own forecasts, it presents a statistical forecast, which it calls “the most likely outcome.” This innovative model is based on accuracy trends from multiple weather services, giving users a more reliable and comprehensive look at the forecast.

From Surfing to Saving the Environment

The company was founded in 2012 by brothers Jacob and David von Corswant. Initially intended to help the surfing community score better waves, Climendo evolved its focus to serve a broader purpose: environmental sustainability. Understanding the importance of accurate weather forecasting, not just for leisure but for agriculture, energy management, and disaster preparedness, the founders shifted their vision. By providing a more comprehensive view of weather forecasts, Climendo aims to help users make more informed decisions that could have lasting impacts on environmental conservation.

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Recognition and Media Appearances: Making Waves in the Tech World

Climendo’s unique approach to weather forecasting has not gone unnoticed. The startup was ranked as one of Sweden’s hottest startups by acclaimed tech portal Founders David and Jacob have also been featured on Sky News’ tech show, Swipe, discussing their groundbreaking approach to weather forecasts. Beyond that, the app has been regularly featured in international media outlets such as Daily Mail, Popular Science, Macworld, Engadget, Metro, and The Next Web.

Why Climendo Matters: A Final Word

In a world ever more susceptible to climate change, the role of accurate weather forecasting has never been so crucial. Whether it’s for the individual planning a trip, a farmer deciding when to sow seeds, or a government agency preparing for a natural disaster, having a reliable and comprehensive weather forecast can be a game-changer. Climendo’s innovative approach offers a solution to this age-old problem, providing a more complete and potentially life-saving view of what the weather holds.

With its unique offering and broadening focus, Climendo is setting a new standard for weather apps and playing a critical role in how we adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. This is one startup to keep an eye on, come rain or shine.

For more information on Climendo and its offerings, check out their official website and follow them on Twitter:

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