Startup Showcase: Sooqua – Innovating Smart Water Networks

Revolutionising Water Management with Digital Twin Technology

Managing water resources effectively and sustainably is a global concern. Bursting pipes and undetected leakages often lead to unnecessary water wastage and incur significant repair costs. Sooqua, a German startup, aims to revolutionise water management with its smart water networks that detect and prevent pipe bursts and leakages. This Startup Showcase will dive into how Sooqua is making a splash in the water industry.

Harnessing GIS Data for Effective Water Management

Geographic Information System (GIS) data forms the foundation of Sooqua’s unique approach. The company leverages this data to create a digital twin of the pipe network, enabling their algorithms to understand the connections and positioning of sensors within the network. This digital mirror of the physical world provides precise, real-time information about the network status, helping detect and localise leakage at an early stage. Additionally, it can predict when and where a pipe is likely to burst, making repair measures plannable.

Optimising Resources through Innovation

Water suppliers often grapple with limited resources, including budget, materials, and staff. Traditional methods of managing water networks are time-consuming, labour-intensive, and reactive rather than preventive. Sooqua’s technology brings a proactive approach to water management. By identifying potential issues before they occur, it allows water suppliers to optimise their limited resources effectively. This not only translates into significant cost savings but also ensures a reliable and sustainable water supply.

A Reliable Solution for a Sustainable Future

Sooqua was founded in 2018, and since then, it has been working diligently towards its mission: to ensure reliable supply and sustainable use of the limited resource that is water. It integrates with existing sensor networks, utilising data transmitted via LoRaWan/SigFox or directly by cable to the suppliers’ facilities. The real-time data is made accessible through an intuitive interface, giving water suppliers unprecedented control over their networks.

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Sooqua’s innovative solution is not just a boon for water suppliers but is also an invaluable tool in the global mission to conserve water. The startup’s smart water networks bring efficiency, sustainability, and reliability to the table, marking a significant leap forward in water management technology.

To stay abreast of Sooqua’s journey, and to learn more about their pioneering solutions, visit their website: Sooqua

Stay connected with Sooqua on LinkedIn: LinkedIn

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