Startup Showcase: Cardio Control – Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases for a Healthier Life

A complete ecosystem for early diagnosis of heart disease to reduce annual death rate and prolong the life of sick people.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death globally. According to the World Health Organization, around 17.9 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases, accounting for 31% of all deaths worldwide. In Hungary alone, over 50,000 people die annually from cardiovascular diseases. To address this issue, Cardio Control, a Budapest-based startup, is developing an ecosystem for the early detection of heart diseases in the general population.

Affordable Devices for Early Detection:

Cardio Control aims to make the diagnosis of heart diseases as simple and accessible as measuring blood pressure. The system is based on inexpensive home cardiographs that are available to the vast majority of people. Patients can take their electrocardiogram (ECG) readings with the device and upload the data to the cloud service provided by Cardio Control. The system then interprets the data and processes it automatically. The entire process is transparent and straightforward, and patients can easily communicate with their doctors through the platform.

Complete Solution for Early Diagnosis:

The ultimate goal of Cardio Control is to build a global early warning system for negative trends in the cardiovascular health of their users. The system is designed to provide complete solutions for the early diagnosis of heart diseases, making it easier for patients to take preventive measures for their conservation. Early detection of heart diseases increases the chances of living a long, happy, and healthy life, and Cardio Control’s solution aims to make this process accessible to all.

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Simplifying the Process and Reducing the Cost:

Cardio Control’s ecosystem for early diagnosis of heart diseases greatly simplifies the process and reduces the cost of ECG analysis, making it more accessible to patients. With this, more people can learn about negative trends in their health status and take preventive measures to increase their life expectancy. Cardio Control’s platform can significantly reduce the annual death rate from cardiovascular diseases and prolong the life of sick people.


Cardio Control is an innovative startup that is addressing the issue of cardiovascular disease with a complete ecosystem for early diagnosis. Their system is based on affordable home cardiographs, cloud service, and transparent communication with doctors. With their solution, Cardio Control aims to reduce the annual death rate from cardiovascular diseases and prolong the life of sick people. By simplifying the process and reducing the cost, Cardio Control has made the early detection of heart diseases more accessible to patients.




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