Startup Showcase: TCAS Online – Streamlining Student Accommodation Management

As the market leader in Ireland for Student Accommodation Management Systems, TCAS Online is streamlining the management of student accommodation for universities, third-level institutions, and private operators. With over 65% of the current Irish student bed market, the software has been proven to reduce administrative overheads by over 60%.

Unique Mobile Functionality

One of the key features of the TCAS Online software is its unique mobile functionality. This functionality helps accommodation managers carry out daily activities such as inventory room checks, maintenance management, and on-campus security in a much more streamlined and automated way. By using mobile applications, accommodation managers can have real-time access to information about their properties, including up-to-date occupancy data, and maintenance requests. This allows them to manage their properties more effectively and efficiently.

Self-Service Accommodation Portal

TCAS Online also provides a self-service accommodation portal that allows students to manage their accommodation online. This portal provides students with access to information such as their tenancy agreement, rent payments, and maintenance requests. This helps to reduce the administrative workload for accommodation managers while providing a more efficient and convenient service for students.

Flexible and Configurable Software

TCAS Online’s highly configurable and flexible software is delivered entirely across clients’ internet and intranet platforms and can operate as a SaaS or as a traditional license model. This means that clients can choose the delivery model that works best for them. The software is also highly configurable, allowing clients to tailor it to their specific needs.

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Expansion to the UK

Having supported many leading universities and colleges in Ireland, TCAS Online has now expanded to the UK, with a number of customers in Manchester and London. This expansion demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing innovative and effective student accommodation management solutions to institutions around the world.

Overall, TCAS Online is revolutionizing the management of student accommodation, providing innovative solutions that reduce administrative overheads, streamline operations, and improve the overall student experience. With its unique mobile functionality, self-service accommodation portal, and flexible software, TCAS Online is positioning itself as a market leader in the development and implementation of Student Accommodation Management Solutions.





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