Startup Showcase: Big Time – Your One-Stop Platform for Scientific Assistance

Big Time is a platform that provides all kinds of assistance for scientists, researchers, healthcare workers, university professors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and employees of companies. The platform aims to help individuals bring their research, inventions, new ideas, and developments to the world scientific community by providing organizational assistance in various areas.

Organizational Assistance for Scientific Papers

Big Time provides various organizational assistance to help scientists, researchers, and university professors in publishing their research papers. They make translations of scientific papers, format articles, journals issues, and books according to specific requirements, and assist in conversations with editorial boards. They also provide patenting services, arrange conferences, and offer all possible technical and consulting assistance to those authors who do not have the resources or knowledge to submit their manuscripts directly.

The platform aims to solve several problems faced by the academic world, such as the lack of funding, unelaborated studies, tedious underpaid work, lack of reproducibility of results, and the high fees associated with publishing studies and scientific publications. Big Time aims to bridge this gap by offering its services to individuals who need assistance with their research work.

Blockchain Technology in Science

Big Time is currently being enlarged by the introduction of blockchain technologies in the services they provide. The platform is expanding to include several new directions, such as a publication and patenting provider service that allows safe transfer of scientific studies to a platform for translation, editing, formatting, and further publication in scientific journals. They are also developing a database of scientific publications, a marketplace to sell research and buy necessary services, and a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for translation and publication of books, scientific materials, and research conduct.

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One of the biggest challenges faced by the scientific community is the protection of intellectual property when submitting materials of scientific papers for consideration and possible publication in scientific journals. Big Time’s blockchain technology aims to solve this problem by validating and consolidating intellectual property for each owner, thereby protecting it from theft. They are also working on developing a decentralized repository of scientific innovations, researches, and developments in the world of science, which enables access to all knowledge represented in the most renowned and reviewed scientific journals.


In conclusion, Big Time is a startup that provides all kinds of assistance for scientists, researchers, healthcare workers, university professors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and employees of companies. The platform offers organizational assistance to individuals who need help in publishing their research papers, conducting conferences, patenting their inventions, and more. They are also expanding their services to include blockchain technology in science, creating a decentralized repository of scientific innovations and developments, and developing a marketplace for buying and selling research.

Big Time’s mission is to empower scientists and researchers to bring their research work to the world scientific community while making the process easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Their innovative use of blockchain technology in science is set to revolutionize the way scientific research is conducted, protected, and published.



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