Startup Showcase: Artips, Democratizing Art Appreciation in Minutes

Immersing Thousands in Art Masterpieces with Daily, Engaging Stories

In our Startup Showcase, we spotlight Artips, an innovative French startup that has carved a unique niche for itself in the world of art appreciation. Artips is taking art appreciation to the masses, one delightful anecdote at a time, revolutionizing the way we consume and perceive art.

Artips – Daily Doses of Art in Digestible Nuggets

Artips is a passionate team of editors devoted to the world of art. They serve up engaging, easy-to-read articles about various pieces of art, delivering these stories through a free, accessible newsletter. In just a minute’s read, subscribers get to discover witty and memorable anecdotes about art masterpieces, all validated by the resident Art History specialist.

What’s unique about Artips is its approach to art appreciation. By bringing art into the everyday, Artips makes art more accessible, more fun, and most importantly, relatable. Its ethos lies in the belief that art isn’t something that should be confined to stuffy galleries or the domain of the elite.

A Growing Subscriber Base and Impressive Open Rates

Artips is hitting the right notes, as evidenced by its growing subscriber base. It boasts of over 25,000 subscribers, and an impressive 65 percent opening rate – surpassing even that of the popular newsletter, My Little Paris. This is a clear testament to the quality of Artips’ content and its appeal to a broad audience.

Collaborative Efforts and Expansion Plans

Artips relies on a network of 80 contributors to ensure the accuracy of its content. The startup has also successfully ventured into publishing, with Hachette selling the company’s second book. Looking ahead, Artips is developing a freemium mobile app and exploring other revenue opportunities, such as sponsored anecdotes and white-label services to large companies.

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Artips is a shining example of how technology can bring traditional domains like art appreciation into the digital age, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. By breaking down barriers, Artips has successfully created an inclusive community for art enthusiasts, all while carving out a viable and scalable business model.

To know more about Artips and join their growing community, visit their website and social media pages:

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