Startup Showcase: JIGGR, Revolutionizing B2B Sales Intelligence

Harnessing Data to Empower Business Sales and Marketing Decisions

In this edition of our Startup Showcase, we shine a spotlight on an Amsterdam-based startup, JIGGR, which is transforming the way businesses approach sales and marketing through their cutting-edge B2B sales intelligence platform.

Actionable Account Insights: Know Your Prospects Better

JIGGR operates with a simple yet powerful premise: help businesses focus their sales and marketing efforts on companies most likely to convert and buy more. Through their platform, JIGGR provides actionable account insights, allowing companies to identify timely leads and determine the most valuable sales prospects. This data-driven approach to sales and marketing empowers businesses to make informed decisions, ultimately saving time and increasing the success rate of their efforts.

Europe’s Largest Company Database: Access to Over 15 Million Organizations

JIGGR proudly boasts the largest company database in Europe, currently encompassing over 15 million organizations. More than 14,000 individual business professionals are already leveraging JIGGR to save time and sell more efficiently. With such an extensive network at their fingertips, JIGGR’s users gain an unparalleled competitive edge in the marketplace.

Embracing Machine Learning for Up-to-Date Information

Beyond just collecting data, JIGGR’s mission is to read and understand all information ever written about every company in the world, then distill this data into digestible insights for sales and marketing professionals. By harnessing vast amounts of data from open and public sources and generating new data through their machine learning algorithms, JIGGR provides the most extensive, precise, and up-to-date information to guide businesses in their sales and marketing efforts.

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JIGGR is a stellar example of how the power of data and machine learning can be harnessed to revolutionize industries. By helping businesses focus their sales and marketing efforts more effectively and efficiently, JIGGR is reshaping the B2B sales landscape, proving that smart data can lead to smarter decisions.

For more information about JIGGR, you can visit their website and social media platforms:

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