Startup Showcase: ankhlabs, Breathing Life into Digital Immortality

Infusing AI, Blockchain, and Big Data for Timeless Interactions

In this installment of our Startup Showcase, we turn the spotlight on ankhlabs GmbH, a Munich-based company that’s redefining the boundaries of human interaction using artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain technology.

ankhlabs and BeANKH: The Intersection of AI, Blockchain, and Big Data

ankhlabs has developed a ground-breaking application, BeANKH, that combines artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain technology to create a paradigm-shifting concept: digital immortality. This application allows users to preserve and share their essential traits, personality, voice, and appearance long after their physical demise.

By digitalizing and uploading these elements onto the blockchain, BeANKH ensures that your loved ones can interact with your digital persona even when you’re no longer around. This innovative concept grants a kind of immortality, offering a unique solution for bridging the gap between human mortality and the longevity of digital data.

Digital Testament: An Unprecedented Functionality

Besides digital immortality, BeANKH offers the ability for users to record messages—including documents, pictures, videos, and even cryptocurrencies—to be delivered at a specific date in the future. The platform allows users to securely store digital testaments on the blockchain, adding an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for users.

This revolutionary functionality brings a whole new meaning to the idea of leaving behind a legacy. It takes sentimentality and personal connection to a new level, allowing people to share their thoughts, wisdom, and memories for generations to come.

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A Personal Assistant for the Digital Age

BeANKH isn’t just about preserving memories for the future; it can also be utilized in the present. Users have the option to use their digital personas as personal assistants that can be connected to third-party applications and hardware, given user approval.

Imagine your digital self interacting with social media platforms, dating applications, and messengers. It could even be integrated with virtual reality hardware like Microsoft HoloLens. This application truly takes personalization and user interaction to a whole new level.

ankhlabs GmbH, with their innovative BeANKH application, is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain. This ambitious startup is transforming how we interact with digital data, leaving a lasting impact that transcends our physical existence.

To learn more about ankhlabs and BeANKH, visit their website here. Stay connected with their latest news and updates through their social media platforms:

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