Startup Showcase:, A Game-Changer in Partner Management

Redefining Business Partnerships with Seamless and Intuitive Software

In today’s startup showcase, we spotlight the Copenhagen-based company,, which is transforming how businesses manage partnerships, affiliates, and resellers with their innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Revolutionising Partner Management, short for Referral Partner Platform, is a cutting-edge partner management software that serves as a conduit for companies to connect their products with a network of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and potential resellers. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the software provides an effortless solution for handling partner contracts, individual pricing and currency adjustments, and more.

The concept was initially developed as an internal tool by the ERP consulting company Bizz Zolutions in 2017. The software aimed to track leads and manage revenue shares with ISVs. However, its potential was realised when a partner expressed interest in the tool for managing their partner and reseller agreements. This led to commercialising the product in mid-April 2019.

Driving Results and Breaking New Ground

As of November 2019, achieved significant traction with zero marketing efforts and only part-time input from the founder. The platform has attracted five paying ISVs, about 100 resellers or affiliates, and the creation of approximately 2000 customers or leads.

These results signify the undeniable demand for such a solution in the market. The simplicity and efficiency of make it a must-have tool for businesses working with resellers, affiliates, or any kind of revenue sharing arrangements.

Looking Ahead: Plans for Expansion and Growth

Starting from January 2020, began expanding its team, focusing on sales and implementation with two new hires. The team now consists of a CEO, developer, sales representative, and a sales/onboarding representative.

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With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, is poised to redefine how businesses manage their partner relations. As the company gears up for marketing and sales activities, it’s clear that this promising startup is one to watch in the coming years.

For more information about, visit their website here. Stay updated on their journey through their social media platforms:



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