Startup Showcase: Todaytickets, Redefining Last-Minute Live Entertainment Ticketing

Shaking Up the Ticketing Industry with a Triple Win Approach

Welcome to another edition of Startup Showcase. Today, we feature Berlin-based Todaytickets, a company that’s revolutionising the live entertainment industry through last-minute deals for consumers and a smart solution for unsold inventory.

Todaytickets: A Lifeline for Unsold Event Tickets

Todaytickets is a game changer in the live entertainment industry, helping event organisers monetise their unsold ticket inventory which can be up to 40% of the available tickets. At the same time, the company offers consumers the opportunity to book last-minute tickets for an array of events with just three clicks, transforming the way we think about last-minute plans.

From AAA concerts featuring artists like Rihanna, Elton John, Deep Purple, or Lil Wayne to theatre performances, operas, shows, and sports events, Todaytickets offers a curated selection of daily event deals in close proximity to users. The platform’s user-friendly design means that exciting plans are just a few fingertips away.

Guaranteed Discounts and Exclusive Perks

With Todaytickets, users are guaranteed a discount between 20 to 50% compared to the official pre-sale ticket price. Moreover, the company also offers exclusive perks such as complimentary seating category upgrades or free drinks.

Booking through Todaytickets is an effortless process. Users can secure their tickets up to 60 minutes before the event using their iPhone or web-based device. Simply show your e-ticket at the venue, join the party, and immerse yourself in the experience Todaytickets makes possible.

Backed by Industry Titans and Managed by a Stellar Team

Todaytickets is funded by EPIC Companies, the company builder of the TV station conglomerate ProSiebenSat.1, which reaches more than 41 million TV households across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Several well-known business angels have also invested in the “Experience more today” concept, including Roman Kirsch (former founder & CEO Europe), Christian Tiessen (former Chief Sales Officer Europe), and Felix Haas (former founder & CEO amiando).

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The management team comprises of Christian Miele (former Director Global Venture Development – Rocket Internet, Investment Analyst – Bertelsmann India Investments, Member of the Board – German Startup Association), Gleb Tritus (Serial Entrepreneur; founder of the online marketing agency Affaires Media and local search engine Townster), and Michael Jaeger (former Head of Sales / Operations of the last-minute hotel booking app JustBook).

Todaytickets, with its innovative approach and passion for live events, is a beacon in the European startup landscape. It’s an excellent example of how technology and entrepreneurial thinking can create winning situations for all parties involved.




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