Startup Showcase: Agorize – Transforming Corporate Innovation

The Parisian startup disrupting the innovation scene

Introduction: Connecting Talent with Business Needs

Agorize is a tech company based in Paris, France, that is transforming the way businesses innovate and connect with top talent. As the world of business becomes increasingly competitive, Agorize offers a solution that accelerates corporate innovation and talent discovery.

The Agorize Solution: Tapping into Crowdsourced Innovation

Since their early startup days, the Agorize team has built and expanded their suite of online innovation solutions that allows organizations to connect to a community of 5 million innovators through their innovation management platform. Agorize’s solutions include startup scouting and student competitions, hackathons, and employee idea boxes to cover all types of needs related to innovation programs. These platforms help companies identify innovative ideas and talent to accelerate corporate transformation, and communicate their initiatives. 

What sets Agorize apart is its unique approach to innovation and idea management. They harness the power of crowdsourcing using a powerful software solution that integrates in companies’ existing systems. It allows companies to reach out to over 5 million innovators and source a diverse range of ideas, fostering creativity and ensuring that the best ideas rise to the top.

Prominent Collaborations: A Strong Track Record

Agorize has a proven track record of collaborating with some of the world’s most prominent companies. Google, Microsoft, Bank of America, Paypal, Bayer, Orange, Philips, Accor, Huawei, L’Oréal, and PepsiCo all utilized Agorize’s platforms to launch customized programs and engage with their employees, customers, partners, and key communities.

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By collaborating with such leading enterprise companies, often in multi-regional and multi-year partnerships, Agorize has proven its capacity to serve and meet the needs of large, established organizations. It showcases the company’s credibility and reliability, increasing confidence in their ability to deliver value and results.

Founders and International Reach

Founded in 2011, Agorize began in Paris but has grown to include branches in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This international presence reflects the global demand for innovative solutions that support corporate innovation and talent identification.

The Future of Agorize

As Agorize continues to scale, it offers an enticing proposition to both companies and innovators. For companies, Agorize presents a way to stay ahead in the innovation race, while innovators gain a platform to develop their talents and ideas.

By connecting businesses with a vast community of innovators, Agorize continues to disrupt the corporate innovation scene. Stay tuned to witness how this Parisian SaaS platform helps businesses to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving world.



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