Unleashing Innovation: 15 German Marketplaces Redefining Their Industries

From education to agriculture, discover the startups changing the game in the marketplace landscape in Germany.

Classcamp: The Future of Cohort-Based Learning

Classcamp, founded by Alexander Estner and Guilherme Coelho, is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for cohort-based learning programs. They’re helping to reshape how we approach e-learning and education.

UP42: Geospatial Innovation

UP42, a subsidiary of Airbus, provides an open platform and marketplace to build, run, and scale geospatial products. This marketplace is helping to push the boundaries of what’s possible with geospatial data.

Scoperty: Real Estate Simplified

Scoperty, led by Michael Kasch, is a digital marketplace for real estate. They’re disrupting the traditional property management and rental industry by digitizing the entire process.

Agrimand: Agriculture Meets E-Commerce

Agrimand, under the leadership of Lars Lehman, is an e-trading platform and marketplace for agricultural products. They’re making the agriculture industry more accessible and efficient through their platform.

Machine26: Construction Machines Market

Machine26, founded by Christian Schweiger, Niklas Fritz, and Steffen Schweiger, is a marketplace for construction machines. They’re modernizing the industry by bringing the purchasing process online.

Walbing: Finance at Your Fingertips

Walbing, led by Joerg Hoerster, is a platform that integrates trade finance services. This startup is creating a new way for businesses to manage their finances.

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Cannaable: Hemp Made Easy

Cannaable, founded by Florian Bein and Luca Stulier, is an online marketplace for hemp products. They’re paving the way for a more open and accessible cannabis industry.

BillyRider: Equestrian Market Unleashed

BillyRider is an equestrian classifieds marketplace. Led by Torsten Schnoor, this startup is creating a space where equestrian enthusiasts can connect and trade.

Arvaloo: B2B Trading Revolutionized

Arvaloo is a B2B marketplace. They’re redefining the trading platform and wholesale industry by making it more efficient and accessible.

MyHelpBuddy: Your Personal Service Community

MyHelpBuddy, under the leadership of Aravinth Palaniswamy, Christina Papke, and Duke Tam, is a trusted community marketplace for personal services. They’re creating a community where people can find and offer various services.

Content Bay: Content Strategy Centralized

Content Bay, led by Oliver Skelton, is a programmatic content marketplace specializing in planning and executing content-related strategies. This startup is changing how content marketing and IT intersect.

MyTalents: Live Workshops and Experiences

MyTalents is a marketplace for unique live workshops and experiences, offering the opportunity to learn something new every day. They’re driving a more engaged and interactive learning experience.

Glaxytech: Industrial Wholesale Online

Glaxytech is a marketplace for industrial wholesale that connects manufacturers and suppliers to rent and purchase industrial tools. They’re changing how the industrial sector operates by bringing it online.

FDO Solutions: Digitalizing Local Shops

FDO Solutions provides market platform solutions for local shops. They’re leading the charge in digitizing small businesses.

Globegory: Social Referral Marketing Hub

Globegory is a marketplace for referral marketing on social media. They’re innovating the app, developer platform, and marketplace industries with their unique approach to social referral marketing.

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