Powering Change: 15 French Social Startups Pioneering Innovative Solutions

Discover how these ambitious startups are harnessing technology, creativity, and community to drive social impact in France.

EverReady.ai: Boosting Business Growth through AI

EverReady.ai co-founded by Loic Deo Van, Mathieu Fargette, and Olivier Toledano, provides AI-powered solutions that catalyze business growth. This company is revolutionizing the intersection of AI, CRM, and business development.

Mamaz Social Food: Global Dining with a Local Touch

Mamaz Social Food, led by Antoine Litaise, offers the unique experience of dining with locals around the world. This startup is spicing up the e-commerce, food and beverage, and tourism sectors with a social networking twist.

Moonshot Labs: Building Visionary Products through Collaboration

Moonshot Labs, founded by Alban Richard, James Weir, and Julien Sandevoir, co-incubates ideas to build digital products that transform the business development and internet industries.

Tandemz: Revolutionizing Recruitment Services

Tandemz, spearheaded by France Wang, Marine Wolffhugel, and Nicolas Djambazian, is an IT company that optimizes recruitment services through an online platform. It is changing the face of IT, recruiting, and social recruiting industries.

Logora: The Platform for Robust Debate

Logora, co-founded by Henry Boisgibault and Pierre Laburthe, offers a social network that fosters engaging debates. This startup is innovating in the CivicTech, internet, and social networking sectors.

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Feamzy: Simplifying Social Networking

Feamzy offers a mobile application to create social networks. This company is taking the apps, mobile apps, and social networking industries by storm.

DHS Digital: Creating Effective Social Media Campaigns

DHS Digital, founded by Danilo Duchesnes, is a consulting firm specializing in social media advertising campaigns. This startup is advancing advertising, SEO, social media, and web design sectors.

SIMACS: Championing Civic and Social Organizations

SIMACS is a company dedicated to civic and social organizations. It is inspiring change and promoting social impact in France.

NOVLINI: Mastering Digital Strategy

NOVLINI, led by Giacomo Caranese, is a consulting and execution firm specializing in digital strategy. This startup is making waves in the content creators, creative agency, and social media marketing sectors.

Mobireport: Transforming Transport Networks

Mobireport is a digital platform for transport networks. This company is innovating public transportation and social networking through its cutting-edge software solutions.

The Digital Management: Perfecting Internet Marketing Services

The Digital Management provides internet marketing services. This startup is propelling the advertising, e-commerce, marketing, SEO, and social media sectors forward.

Unapei Hauts-de-Seine: Supporting Social Inclusion

Unapei Hauts-de-Seine advocates for individuals with mental disabilities, promoting their full development and social inclusion. This organization is pioneering social and community work in France.

Bonjour Podcast: Podcast Production and Training Services

Bonjour Podcast offers production services and training for companies and professionals. It’s shaping the future of digital media, film production, podcasting, and social media industries.

EdTech Lyon: Fostering EdTech Solutions

EdTech Lyon, founded by François Paret, creates an environment for the design, creation, marketing, teaching, testing, and use of EdTech solutions. This startup is impacting EdTech, social, and training industries.

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Les Baleines: Organic Growth Through Acquisition Strategies

Les Baleines is a consulting agency helping companies achieve organic growth using acquisition strategies and data collection. This startup is transforming digital marketing, the internet, SEO, and social media industries.

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