Driving Innovation: 15 Austrian IT Startups You Need to Watch

Unleashing the Power of Technology: How Austrian startups are pioneering advancements in the Information Technology sector

Trality: The Future of Automated Trading

Trality, founded by Christopher Helf and Moritz Putzhammer, provides a platform that enables automated trading bot creation and investment. This startup is revolutionizing the Big Data, Financial Services, and FinTech industries.

SignD Identity: Redefining Digital Onboarding and KYC

SignD Identity, led by Bernhard Reiterer, specializes in digital onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) services. SignD Identity is propelling the Information Services and IT sectors forward.

Warrify: Simplifying Receipt Management

Warrify, founded by Enzo Duit, delivers digital receipts directly from the retailer to your smartphone. This IT startup is streamlining Information Services and Software sectors.

NodeVenture: Securing Decentralized Financial Market

NodeVenture, founded by Cagdas Tasdemir and David Schnetzer, provides a secure Wallet System and SaaS for Blockchain and DeFi. This startup is shaping the future of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and IT Infrastructure sectors.

Celantur: Optimizing Mobile and Indoor Mapping

Celantur, co-founded by Alexander Petkov and Boyang Xia, offers solutions for mobile, indoor, drone mapping, automotive, and ADAS parking. Celantur is innovating in IT, Mobile Apps, and Software Engineering industries.

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iLogistics IT Solutions: Advancing Transport and Logistics

iLogistics IT Solutions offers specialized IT services for the transport and logistics industry. This startup is fueling innovation in Data Center Automation, IT, and Transportation sectors.

Imperion: Streamlining Tax Reporting

Imperion is a software development company that provides tax reporting solutions. Imperion is changing the game in the Consulting, IT, and Software sectors.

Techstory: The IT Companies’ Marketing Boutique

Techstory, led by Nika Mizerski, is a marketing boutique for IT companies. This startup is making waves in the B2B, Content Creators, Enterprise Software, IT, and Marketing sectors.

Stockito: The Future of Cloud-Based Storage

Stockito is a cloud-based storage and license manager company. This startup is advancing the Cloud Data Services, IT, and Software sectors.

SUPPLiot: Digitizing Business Processes for SMEs

SUPPLiot offers optimization and digitization of business processes for the SME sector. This startup is transforming the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT, IT Management, and Software industries.

VisualSearch: Reinventing Data Analytics and Visual Search

VisualSearch was founded by Peter Gemeiner to provide data analytics, visual search, product information, and recommendation services. VisualSearch is making a difference in the Consulting, IT, and Market Research sectors.

Legitary: Revolutionizing Music Streaming Data Verification

Legitary, led by Nermina Mumic, offers an AI-enabled platform for managing royalties that verifies music streaming data for artists and labels. This startup is pioneering changes in the AI, Information Services, IT, Music Streaming, and Software sectors.

Digital Moulds: Modernizing Mould Monitoring and Lifecycle Management

Digital Moulds offers monitoring and life cycle management solutions for mould making businesses. Digital Moulds is driving innovation in the Industrial Engineering, IT, and Software industries.

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TFM Agency: Delivering Scalable Web Applications

TFM Agency is an IT firm developing scalable web applications and websites with WordPress, along with consulting and hosting services. TFM Agency is making its mark on the IT, Software, and Web Hosting sectors.

Reha Buddy: Pioneering Digital Assessments for Physiotherapy

Reha Buddy is a medical equipment manufacturer providing digitized assessments for physiotherapy in physical rehabilitation facilities. This startup is making strides in the Health Care, IT, Manufacturing, Medical, and Medical Device sectors.

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