Startup Showcase: 4.screen – Driving the Future of Mobility Interactions

Transforming every drive into a personalized journey, Munich-based 4.screen is taking the lead in innovating the way businesses interact with drivers.

In our latest startup showcase, we’re thrilled to feature 4.screen – a groundbreaking technology company that is reshaping the mobility landscape by facilitating real-time communication between drivers, vehicles, and the wider mobility ecosystem. This cutting-edge enterprise is pioneering the driver interaction market, bringing a new level of integration and convenience to mobility service providers, businesses, and drivers alike.

Redefining Mobility with the 4.screen Experience

The 4.screen Mobility Experience Cloud (MXC) stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of driver interaction. Acting as a seamless bridge between the car and the wider mobility ecosystem, MXC provides a standardized interface for real-time communication with drivers. This seamless integration of technology is paving the way for a new age of interaction and connection on the road, placing the driver at the heart of the mobility ecosystem.

A Shared Vision for Driver-Centric Services

4.screen is not working alone in its mission to revolutionize driver interactions. The company actively collaborates with car manufacturers and mobility service providers, integrating 4.screen APIs into existing systems and applications. This shared vision has enabled businesses of all sizes, from local shops to global brands, to communicate directly with drivers through the vehicle’s screen. By integrating services into the driving experience, 4.screen ensures that every journey is a unique, personalized event that enhances the user’s interaction with the wider mobility ecosystem.

Frictionless Access and Value-Added Services for Drivers

By putting drivers at the center of the ecosystem, 4.screen is transforming the way individuals interact with their vehicles. Drivers now have frictionless access to the mobility ecosystem, seeing more relevant content and benefiting from value-added services such as sponsored parking and charging. These benefits, coupled with the simplicity and efficiency of the MXC interface, make every drive a rich, immersive, and personalized journey.

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The innovative technology behind 4.screen is developed by a team of automotive, marketing, and software experts. These dedicated professionals share a common commitment to creating seamless experiences for drivers, highlighting 4.screen’s dedication to leading the charge in this new age of mobility interactions.

In summary, 4.screen is not just a startup; it is a mobility game-changer. By bridging the gap between drivers, vehicles, and the wider mobility ecosystem, 4.screen is driving the future of on-the-road interactions, redefining the way businesses, mobility service providers, and drivers connect.

Experience the future of driver interaction with 4.screen. Visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn to stay updated on their pioneering work in the mobility interaction field.



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