Startup Showcase: carVertical – Blockchain-Based Solution for Car History

How carVertical Ensures Transparency and Trust in the Automotive Industry

carVertical is a blockchain-based solution that gathers comprehensive information about cars’ history from various sources and puts it into a blockchain registry. The company’s innovative solution aims to increase transparency and trust in the automotive industry. In this startup showcase, we will take a closer look at how carVertical is changing the way people perceive car history and ownership.

Ensuring Transparency and Trust

One of the main problems with buying a used car is that it is often difficult to know its history. There is always a risk that the car has been in an accident, had its odometer rolled back, or has been stolen. carVertical aims to solve this problem by providing a comprehensive and transparent car history report.

The company gathers data from different sources like centralized country registries, police and INTERPOL databases, insurance, leasing, claims handling service databases, privately owned registries, paid APIs, and other sources. All this data is then put into a blockchain registry, where it cannot be changed, faked, rewritten, or manipulated.

By putting car history data into a blockchain registry, carVertical provides full transparency and builds trust. This is a key element of the company’s solution, as it ensures that all car history data is decentralized and publicly accessible. Anyone who checks a car’s data via carVertical product can be 100% sure that the data is accurate and reliable.

A Blockchain-Based Solution for the Automotive Industry

carVertical’s solution is based on blockchain technology, which provides a secure and transparent way to store and share data. The company believes that blockchain technology is the perfect solution for the automotive industry, as it ensures transparency and trust.

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The company’s solution is also user-friendly, as it provides a comprehensive car history report that is easy to understand. The report includes information about the car’s previous owners, its accident history, its mileage, and any other relevant data. This information is essential for anyone who is considering buying a used car, as it can help them make an informed decision.

carVertical is also working on developing new features that will make its solution even more useful. The company is planning to introduce a mobile app that will allow users to scan a car’s VIN code and instantly receive a comprehensive car history report. This feature will be especially useful for car dealers and mechanics who need to quickly assess a car’s history.

Conclusion: Increasing Transparency and Trust in the Automotive Industry

carVertical is a promising startup that is changing the way people perceive car history and ownership. The company’s blockchain-based solution provides a comprehensive and transparent car history report that ensures transparency and builds trust. By using blockchain technology, carVertical is creating a decentralized and publicly accessible database of car history data that can be trusted by everyone.



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