Startup Showcase: Scheer – Helping Companies Achieve Digital Transformations

Scheer is a German consulting and software company that offers services to businesses in various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. They support companies in developing new business models and optimizing their business processes to achieve more efficiency. Scheer GmbH also offers reliable IT systems operation services to its customers.

Holistic Approach to Business Process Optimization

Scheer GmbH’s consulting services include supporting businesses in developing innovative and new business models. Their team has expertise in various sectors and is able to provide guidance to their customers on how to develop new products and services.

The company also supports businesses in optimizing their business processes for improved efficiency. This includes identifying inefficient processes and developing innovative solutions to streamline workflows. Scheer GmbH uses the latest digital technologies to help their customers achieve their business objectives.

Reliable IT Systems Operations

Scheer GmbH offers dependable IT systems operation services to their customers, ensuring that their IT infrastructure is running smoothly. They also offer application management services in their own data center, providing businesses with a complete IT solution.

Innovative Software Architecture

Scheer GmbH has developed innovative software architecture, Scheer Process Automation Suite, to help businesses automate their workflows. The software can be easily integrated with existing systems and can help businesses achieve more efficiency and improved customer service. Scheer GmbH also offers ARIS solutions to support businesses in their digital transformations.


Scheer GmbH has formed partnerships with leading technology companies like SAP to offer their customers the latest and most advanced solutions. Their partnership with SAP is focused on Hybris and SAP S/4HANA, and they offer in-depth expertise in these areas to their customers.

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In conclusion, Scheer GmbH is a consulting and software company that offers comprehensive services to businesses in various sectors. Their expertise in digital technologies and business processes optimization makes them an ideal partner for businesses looking to achieve digital transformations. With innovative software architecture, dependable IT system operation services, and industry-specific consulting expertise, Scheer GmbH is well-positioned to support businesses in achieving their business objectives.


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