Startup Showcase: IDAGIO Revolutionizes Classical Music Streaming

Breathing a digital life into the classics, IDAGIO is your personal concierge to a world of enchanting symphonies and harmonious melodies.

In this edition of our startup showcase, we present to you IDAGIO – the brainchild of Berlin, a streaming service that specializes in the unexplored niche of classical music. This exciting venture is built around the richness and depth of classical music, bringing a specialized experience that is rare in today’s generic music streaming landscape.

Classical Music Meets Modern Technology

IDAGIO sets itself apart by being more than just a streaming service. Its intricate and detailed approach to curating and cataloging classical music provides a specialized platform tailored to the genre’s uniqueness. The service has elegantly embraced the challenge of modernizing classical music, all the while retaining its inherent charm and beauty. The ease of search and expertly curated playlists cater to both aficionados and newcomers to classical music, making it an unmatched portal to delve into the magnificent world of symphonies, concertos, and sonatas.

An Impeccable Blend of Music and Business Expertise

Behind IDAGIO’s success is a dedicated team of over 80 professionals who boast a deep understanding of music, technology, business, and design. The company was founded by Till Janczukowicz and Christoph Lange, a duo with a strong background in the management of classical music stars and in-depth knowledge about the music streaming industry. The founders have skillfully blended their experience to create a product that serves the listener, the artist, and the industry.

A Global Player with a Local Heart

While Berlin serves as the heart of IDAGIO, its influence spans the globe. The platform has garnered over 1.8 million app downloads and boasts subscribers from as many as 190 countries. Regardless of its global outreach, IDAGIO remains deeply rooted in Berlin, drawing inspiration from the city’s rich cultural tapestry and vibrant classical music scene. This unique blend of local charm and global reach sets IDAGIO apart in the increasingly crowded music streaming industry.

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IDAGIO offers a choice of three listening tiers – IDAGIO Free, IDAGIO Premium, and IDAGIO Premium+. With an expansive catalogue of over 2 million licensed tracks, the platform is both accessible and comprehensive, meeting the needs of every listener, no matter their preferences or budget.

In conclusion, IDAGIO is revolutionizing the way we perceive, consume, and interact with classical music. By combining a deep love for the genre with advanced technology, IDAGIO is crafting a unique space for classical music in the digital era.

IDAGIO is more than just a startup; it is a tribute to timeless music, a platform for artists, and an advocate for maintaining the relevance of classical music in the modern world.

Experience the symphony of a digital revolution with IDAGIO. Discover, explore, and fall in love with classical music anew. Visit their website, and join the growing IDAGIO community on social media.






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