Revolutionizing Healthcare: Exploring Innovative Health Care Startups in Stockholm’s Län

Discover the Future of Healthcare with Groundbreaking Startups in Stockholm

Stockholm’s Län, Sweden, is a hub of innovation in the healthcare sector, where startups are pioneering new solutions to transform the way we approach medical services and patient well-being. This article takes you on a journey through 15 intriguing healthcare startups that are reshaping the healthcare landscape.

Tilly: Redefining Fertility Care

Tilly envisions gathering information about European fertility clinics in one accessible platform. Their mission is to empower individuals with comprehensive knowledge in fertility and reproductive health.

Website: Tilly

Olivia: Navigating Menopause with Ease

Olivia offers a digital platform acting as a menopause guide. It aids individuals in understanding, tracking, and alleviating menopause symptoms for a smoother transition.

Website: Olivia

Dentalum: Elevating Dental Healthcare

Dentalum operates dental clinics across Sweden, prioritizing superior dental care and health services to make a difference in oral health.

Website: Dentalum

Baby Journey: Empowering Parenthood

Baby Journey’s popular app caters to expectant and new parents by offering valuable resources, making the journey to parenthood smoother.

Website: Baby Journey

Digital Diabetes Analytics: Harnessing AI Against Diabetes

Digital Diabetes Analytics fights diabetes through AI-based analysis of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data, supporting diabetes management.

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Website: Digital Diabetes Analytics

Eppow: Bridging Healthcare Professionals and Facilities

Eppow connects healthcare professionals with clinics and hospitals, streamlining the recruitment process for improved staffing solutions.

Website: Eppow

Vivium: Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing

Vivium’s digital staffing platform enhances the staffing process for healthcare providers, staffing companies, and staff members.

Website: Vivium

Lifecaddy Health: Empowering Patients with Data

Lifecaddy Health’s digital patient tool manages vaccination data, contributing to patient care and health data management.

Website: Lifecaddy Health

Wergonic: Advancing Employee Health

Wergonic develops digital ergonomic tools and workwear to improve employee health, ultimately reducing sick leave costs.

Website: Wergonic

Mother: Nurturing Mental Health

Mother addresses mental health through deep-tech solutions, bridging the gap between conventional health services and self-help approaches.

Website: Mother

Aumla: A Holistic Well-being Consultancy

Aumla offers consultancy services for well-being strategy, health analysis, online programs, workshops, and coaching, supporting holistic health.

Website: Aumla

Sensorem: Enabling Independent Senior Living

Sensorem empowers seniors with customized “Smart homes” for safe and independent aging, redefining senior care.

Website: Sensorem

HealthX Technologies: Pioneering Digital Healthcare

HealthX Technologies specializes in digital healthcare apps that empower personal health management.

Website: HealthX Technologies Unveiling Gut Health Insights offers a medical toolkit for testing intestinal flora, providing insights into gut health for enhanced personal wellness.


Angelchat: Fostering Mental Health Connections

Angelchat connects individuals based on shared experiences to combat the mental health epidemic, fostering understanding and support.

Website: Angelchat


Stockholm’s Län is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, with these startups driving change in fertility care, menopause support, dental health, parenting resources, diabetes management, and more. As technology continues to evolve, these startups are poised to shape the future of healthcare, improving lives and transforming the patient experience.

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