Dive into the Future with the 15 Leading Fintech and Crypto Companies in 2023

Our latest article explores the success stories of 15 leading FinTech and Crypto companies that are making waves in 2023.

The intersection of finance and technology is a hotbed of innovation. With the advent of cryptocurrencies and the increasing reliance on digital transactions, FinTech and Crypto companies have become crucial players in the global financial landscape.


Founded by Jan Lakspere, Ove Kreison, and Rivo Uibo, Tuum is disrupting the financial technology sector with its advanced solutions. By simplifying complex financial processes, Tuum is making financial management accessible to everyone.


EvoEstate, the brainchild of Audrius Visniauskas and Gustas Germanavičius, is revolutionizing the real estate investing landscape. Through its innovative platform, investors can easily navigate and make informed decisions about real estate investments.


Zeply is the onshore regulated crypto platform empowering individuals with commission-free buying, sending, and exchanging a range of crypto ETH, BTC, and others also including stablecoins (USDT, DAI, USDC), upcoming crypto debit cards for seamless and instant spending crypto as usual money. And business solutions such as Payment Gateway.


CryptoWallet is a leading player in the cryptocurrency market. It offers secure and easy-to-use solutions for managing digital assets, helping users maintain control over their cryptocurrencies.


Finectum is making its mark on the FinTech industry by providing comprehensive financial solutions. Its platform is designed to help businesses manage their finances more effectively and efficiently.


NordikCoin is contributing significantly to the crypto space with its highly secure Bitcoin exchange platform. It combines advanced technology with strict security measures to provide a safe and seamless trading experience.

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FastCoin Exchange

FastCoin Exchange, under the leadership of Obner Knöner Mozarino, offers a reliable platform for cryptocurrency trading. It stands out with its lightning-fast transactions and user-friendly interface.


MyProfit is a leading FinTech company offering advanced tools for investment and financial management. It empowers users to make smarter investment decisions and increase their profits.


Arbismart is reshaping the crypto landscape with its AI-driven crypto arbitrage platform. It provides users with a smart and automated way to earn profits from price differences across different cryptocurrency exchanges.


LEORM is a standout player in the FinTech world with its platform that enables businesses to manage risks effectively. It leverages advanced technology to provide businesses with actionable insights.


Ensuria has carved a niche for itself in the FinTech industry by providing insurance technology solutions. It’s transforming the way insurance is sold and managed, making the process more efficient and customer-friendly.

TFG Crowd

TFG Crowd is revolutionizing the crowdfunding sector with its platform that connects businesses with investors. It opens up new avenues of investment, empowering people to contribute to the success of businesses they believe in.


OERO is leading the way in the crypto world with its robust platform for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrencies. Its state-of-the-art security measures ensure a safe and seamless user experience.

Hey Bitcoin

Hey Bitcoin is a reputable name in the cryptocurrency market. It offers a wide range of services, from crypto trading to providing in-depth market analysis and insights.


PIGGYCARD is making strides in the FinTech industry with its innovative solutions for personal finance management. It’s helping individuals make more informed financial decisions, leading to better financial health.

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These 15 FinTech and Crypto companies represent the cutting edge of financial technology in 2023. By innovating and evolving in response to the market’s demands, they are defining the future of finance. The impact of their work extends beyond the financial sector, influencing the ways in which we manage and interact with our money in the digital age. Dive into their stories and discover what the future of finance may look like.

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