Navigating Innovation: Unveiling 15 Exciting App Startups from Stockholm’s Län

Exploring the Cutting-Edge App Ecosystem in Sweden's Thriving Tech Hub

Stockholm’s Län has emerged as a hotspot for technological innovation, and its vibrant startup scene is at the forefront of app development. In this article, we dive into the world of mobile applications and showcase 15 remarkable startups that are revolutionizing industries, enhancing personal experiences, and reshaping how we connect, learn, and engage.

Coupleness: Strengthening Bonds Through Tech

Coupleness operates a mobile social network designed exclusively for couples, fostering stronger relationships in the digital age.

Website: Coupleness

Olivia: Empowering Women through Digital Health

Olivia’s digital platform serves as a menopause guide, offering insights, tracking, and relief for menopause symptoms, prioritizing women’s health.

Website: Olivia Redefining Video Conferencing introduces the world’s first conferencing platform that seamlessly blends simplicity, white-labeling, security, and privacy for efficient communication.


MIOO: Revolutionizing Bicycling with a Subscription Twist

MIOO offers a subscription-based bicycle service and insurance through a mobile app, transforming the way people experience biking.

Website: MIOO

Baby Journey: Guiding Parents Through Every Step

Baby Journey’s app is a comprehensive universe for parents, offering resources for pregnancy and parenting, enhancing the journey into parenthood.

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Website: Baby Journey

Vermiculus Financial Technology: Powering Financial Solutions

Vermiculus Financial Technology provides cloud-based microservices, delivering tailored financial solutions for businesses in a digital landscape.

Website: Vermiculus Financial Technology

E-GO APP: Gamifying Esports Engagement

E-GO APP enhances esports engagement through fantasy tournaments, live games, stats, and leagues, catering to the gaming community’s needs.

Website: E-GO APP

Mysaly: Empowering Hourly Workers

Mysaly’s mobile application enables real-time salary payments for hourly workers, offering financial flexibility and empowerment.

Website: Mysaly

Kebitz: Expert Advice at Your Fingertips

Kebitz offers a unique application connecting users with experts for personalized video advice in various areas, from relationships to astrology.

Website: Kebitz

Card4Action: Unlocking Digital Networking

Card4Action’s software application leverages digital profile cards as keys, facilitating meaningful networking interactions for visitors and members.

Website: Card4Action

Voicemachine: Elevating Voice Talent’s Reach

Voicemachine’s web app empowers professional voice talents to connect with media clients, optimizing voiceover production and accessibility.

Website: Voicemachine

FIA SDC: Pioneering Road Safety Solutions

FIA SDC offers predictive risk data in real-time for road safety and environmental impact, contributing to smarter transportation choices.

Website: FIA SDC

Bookself: Discovering Books through Community

Bookself’s social book recommendation app allows users to explore books recommended by inspiring individuals, fostering a literary community.

Website: Bookself

Done: Transforming Home Improvement Services

Done’s managed marketplace connects individuals with qualified craftsmen through video calls, streamlining home improvement services.

Website: Done

Angelchat: Building Mental Health Connections

Angelchat addresses the mental health epidemic by connecting individuals with shared experiences, promoting support and understanding.

Website: Angelchat


Stockholm’s Län is a breeding ground for app innovation, with these 15 startups at the forefront of creating transformative solutions. From enhancing relationships and personal well-being to revolutionizing conferencing and education, these startups exemplify the diverse applications of technology in our lives. As the app ecosystem continues to evolve, the startups of Stockholm’s Län are poised to lead the way, shaping the future of digital engagement and connectivity.

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