Revolutionizing Healthcare? An Insider Look into Europe’s Leading Telemedicine Ecosystem

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Key Takeaways:

  • A new European telemedicine startup, DoctorsHello, is revolutionizing healthcare with an ecosystem that efficiently integrates traditional healthcare with digital solutions.
  • The company’s innovative Durus™ Pro technology provides a peer-to-peer network and comprehensive telemedicine services based on real-time data distribution.
  • DoctorsHello’s ATLAS platform integrates all modules supporting telemedicine services, effectively providing a centralized data hub for healthcare professionals.
  • The startup is spearheading a new age of even more personalized and efficient patient healthcare.

Meet DoctorsHello, a groundbreaking Health Care startup that is poised to disrupt the European telemedicine sector. Based in Pátra, Akhaia, Greece, the progressive startup has created a compelling Connect, Collaborate and Share medical ecosystem that stands to redefine patient care as we know it.

Developers of a pioneering telemedicine node named Durus™ Pro, DoctorsHello uses a dedicated Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro to offer physicians a tech tandem with a human touch, transforming the way doctors connect with their patients and other healthcare providers.

What truly sets DoctorsHello apart is its innovative approach to healthcare delivery. Its Durus™ Pro technology supports a Photoplethysmography (PPG) method for real-time measurement and monitoring of Heart rate, Heart Rate Variability markers, SPO2, and other vital signs. This data is then shared and collaborated upon within the DoctorsHello network, ensuring accurate, timely, and comprehensive care.

In addition, the startup’s unique ATLAS platform stands as the backbone of this revolutionary medical ecosystem. Designed as middleware to seamlessly integrate Biosignal Devices data, EHR data, and third-party structures, ATLAS creates a central hub for healthcare providers to access, analyze and share pertinent patient health data.

Looking ahead, DoctorsHello’s future appears bright as it marches forward with its mission to revolutionize healthcare. As more healthcare providers embrace telemedicine in this pandemic-stricken era, DoctorsHello seems positioned to continue innovating and reinventing traditional telemedicine practices to meet the ever-growing and ever-evolving healthcare needs across Europe and beyond.

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The healthcare industry is experiencing digital disruption in every corner, and DoctorsHello is on the forefront of it. Their innovative P2P solution and robust ATLAS platform are just the start. With such a promising start, the industry is eager to follow DoctorsHello’s future developments. To keep track of this exciting startup, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit their website at Founders Hara Pylarinou and Lefteris Gortzis are set to revolutionize the way we approach telemedicine and healthcare overall.

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