Revolution Beneath the Waves: Industry Titan Takes Helm at Premier Underwater Hub

Global Underwater Hub Welcomes Seasoned Professional Andy Williamson to Supercharge Business Development

Key Takeaways:

  • Andy Williamson, with a rich 30-year legacy in the underwater and renewable sectors, joins Global Underwater Hub (GUH) as the Business Development Director.
  • GUH, steadfastly championing the underwater sectors, gears up for exponential growth with two new strategic offices.
  • Williamson’s illustrious career showcases a blend of vast industry knowledge and a passion for promoting sustainable energy solutions.

A Beacon for the Blue Economy

In an era where sustainable development and green technologies reign supreme, the underwater industry is poised for unparalleled growth. The Global Underwater Hub (GUH), a linchpin in this sector, has unveiled its newest strategy – appointing a seasoned expert to pilot its ambitious undertakings.

Andy Williamson: The Man Behind the Mission

Bringing three decades of in-depth experience from both the underwater sector and the renewable energy industry, Williamson’s appointment as the Business Development Director and Regional Manager for the South of England signals a promising era for GUH. Williamson is no stranger to innovation; his credentials paint a vivid portrait of a commercial maven with a robust track record across offshore wind, subsea, marine, and ports industry. His dedication to fostering STEM initiatives, supporting energy transition, and working with major conglomerates, R&D hubs, and governments is testament to his versatility and passion for the industry.

A Career of Distinction

Before docking at GUH, Williamson held significant positions at energy giants such as OPITO, where he played a pivotal role in the North Sea Transition Deal. His illustrious journey includes impactful stints at the Port of Blyth, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, and Marubeni Corporation, making him an ideal fit to steer GUH’s dynamic ambitions.

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Reflecting on his new role, Williamson voiced his enthusiasm, citing the “enormous potential” of the blue economy. He emphasized GUH’s pivotal role in amplifying the growth of the UK’s underwater sectors on a global scale.

Bolstering Regional Strategies

Williamson’s addition to the GUH roster is in tandem with other strategic moves by the organization. Ricci Boston, another industry stalwart, has been roped in as the Regional Manager for the North of England. Such appointments underpin GUH’s commitment to foster and facilitate underwater businesses across the nation.

With a brand-new office in Bristol slated to open later this year and a Newcastle base launching this summer, GUH is gearing up to offer state-of-the-art meeting, event, and TV studio facilities. These centers aim to be hotspots for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the underwater realm.

The Vision Forward

Neil Gordon, CEO of Global Underwater Hub, expressed his confidence in Williamson’s ability to enhance the organization’s regional strategies. He underscored Williamson’s primary objectives: establishing GUH’s stronghold in the south, leading the Bristol office, and providing unerring support to members and partners in the region. Gordon envisions a harmonious relationship between businesses, local government, trade associations, and industry partners under Williamson’s adept leadership.

The underwater industry, according to Gordon, is teeming with opportunities. And with the combined prowess of Williamson and Boston, GUH is set to offer unmatched support to businesses and organizations, propelling them to unparalleled heights.

About Global Underwater Hub

As a leading trade and industry development nexus, GUH is the beacon for the UK’s underwater sectors, encompassing offshore energy, aquaculture, defence, telecoms, and seabed minerals. With unwavering support from the UK and Scottish governments, GUH is on a relentless mission to usher in green jobs, avant-garde technology, and exports. By fostering knowledge transfer, networking, and new market insights, GUH ensures its members harness their growth potential to the fullest.

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