Retail Revolution in Gelderland: Unveiling 15 Cutting-Edge Startups

Exploring Gelderland's Game-Changing Retail Startups Crafting the Future of Shopping

Gelderland, a vibrant region in The Netherlands, is a hotbed for innovative retail startups that are reshaping the way we shop. This article takes you on a journey through 15 remarkable startups that are breathing new life into the retail landscape.

Vectori: Redefining Furniture Shopping

Vectori’s online platform offers an array of small furniture and accessories, from sofas to lighting, providing customers with a convenient way to transform their spaces.

Devades: Handmade Jewelry Redefined

Devades curates a collection of exquisite handmade jewelry, offering customers a personalized and artistic way to accessorize.

MeinCreaFeest: Infusing Creativity into Home Decor

MeinCreaFeest’s online shop is a treasure trove of home decor and gift products, catering to those who appreciate unique and artistic designs. Fashion at Your Fingertips is an online fashion haven, offering the latest clothing trends to fashion enthusiasts who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes.

L&C KIDS: Dressing Kids with Love

L&C KIDS specializes in handmade clothing for children, combining creativity with comfort to keep the little ones looking stylish.

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BijGingie: Trendy Kids Fashion and Accessories

BijGingie keeps up with the latest trends in children’s fashion, providing an extensive range of clothing and accessories for the youngest trendsetters.

eye of dusk: Elevating Women’s Fashion

eye of dusk’s retail shop celebrates women’s fashion, offering a diverse collection that empowers individuals to express their unique style.

Young Home Deco: Elevate Your Home

Young Home Deco’s online webshop offers a curated selection of home accessories, helping customers enhance the aesthetics of their living spaces.

The holy grape: Savor the Finest Wines

The holy grape introduces an online destination for wine enthusiasts, offering a variety of wines to indulge in the art of viniculture.

Landelijk Gezellig: Transforming Home Spaces

Landelijk Gezellig’s webshop is a haven for home decoration and accessories, helping customers create cozy and inviting living environments.

Grace And Praise: Jewelry with a Message

Grace And Praise crafts and sells jewelry with a powerful message, enabling customers to share their beliefs while embracing style.

Oogjes&Zo: Nurturing Creativity in Kids

Oogjes&Zo offers an array of arts and crafts related products, sparking creativity and imagination in young minds.

Reisgeschikt: Ready for the Journey Ahead

Reisgeschikt’s online shop caters to travelers with a selection of luggage, bags, and travel accessories for every adventure.

Beautiful Gifts: Ethereal Gifts on Display

Beautiful Gifts specializes in preserving the beauty of nature by offering butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies encased in frames and glass boxes.

MATTITUDE: International Fashion Movement

MATTITUDE is an international clothing brand, bringing fashion-forward designs to a global audience through its online platform.

Gelderland’s innovative startups are driving the future of retail, redefining shopping experiences with their creativity and technology. Stay tuned to for more updates on Europe’s thriving startup ecosystem.

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