Quantum Leap: The European Quantum Industry Consortium Driving Technological Revolution

QuIC: Shaping the Future of Quantum Technology in Europe Through Strategic Partnerships and Collaborative Efforts

Key Takeaways:

  • The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) is an industry-driven initiative, propelling the quantum industry’s growth through strategic partnerships and collaborations.
  • QuIC has played a central role in strengthening Europe’s quantum ecosystem by fostering collaborations between SMEs, large corporations, investors, and research institutes.
  • The consortium is involved in various activities, including the development of strategic goals and roadmaps, IP strategies, and workforce training to boost the competitiveness of the European quantum industry.
  • The QuIC executive team, led by Dr. Thierry Botter, has a diverse range of expertise in the quantum field, underpinning the consortium’s mission.
  • With the Quantum Flagship initiative’s support, QuIC plays a critical role in promoting Quantum Technologies as key enablers for Europe’s societal and environmental challenges.

The European Quantum Industry Consortium: A Pan-European Collaboration

The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) represents a significant stride in the evolution of the European quantum industry. As a non-profit industry association established in 2021, QuIC has been instrumental in promoting the growth of commercial quantum technology in Europe. It operates as a collaborative hub that fosters a vibrant ecosystem by connecting hundreds of SMEs, large corporations, investors, research organisations, and academic institutes.

The consortium takes on various common interests, such as standardisation, intellectual property, trade, and workforce development. This cooperative approach is not only helping to foster a strong quantum ecosystem but also contributing to the Quantum Flagship’s coordination and support actions.

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Fulfilling a Pan-European Mission

QuIC’s primary mission is to boost the competitiveness and economic growth of the European quantum industry while fostering value creation across the continent. This mission is accomplished through several core activities:

  • Developing and coordinating strategic goals and roadmaps for research, development, innovation, and deployment of European Quantum Technologies.
  • Cooperating with European institutions and other stakeholders to foster industrial growth and competitiveness.
  • Establishing a collaborative hub and a vibrant ecosystem for the Quantum Technologies industry.
  • Positioning Quantum Technology products and services as key enablers for addressing Europe’s societal and environmental challenges.
  • Engaging in pre-standardisation activities and collaborating with standardisation bodies.
  • Developing intellectual property strategies to enable a competitive European Quantum Technologies industry.
  • Determining the workforce needs and professional profiles required in the quantum industry.

The Powerhouse Behind QuIC

Driving the day-to-day activities of QuIC is a dedicated executive team led by Dr. Thierry Botter, the Executive Director. Alongside him, Mattia Giardini and Lyudmila Korunovska play essential roles as the Project and Operations Manager and Communication and Administration Specialist, respectively. Together, they bring a diverse set of skills and a shared vision to the table, boosting QuIC’s efforts in achieving its mission.

In addition to the executive team, QuIC’s leadership comprises industry trailblazers like Laure Le Bars, Enrique Lizaso, and Dr. Thomas Strohm. These individuals’ expertise and guidance are crucial to QuIC’s strategic direction and decisions.

Driving Innovation with the Quantum Flagship

QuIC, as part of the Quantum Flagship initiative, helps coordinate efforts to position Quantum Technologies as key enablers for societal and environmental challenges in Europe. The Quantum Flagship is a 1 billion Euros, ten-year-long initiative of the European Commission that aims to consolidate and expand European scientific leadership and excellence in this research area.

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Looking Forward: The Future of Quantum Technology in Europe

As Europe steers its course into the future, the role of QuIC in fostering a vibrant quantum ecosystem becomes even more pivotal. By providing a platform for collaboration, standardisation, and innovation, QuIC is catalysing the growth of the quantum industry in Europe.

With the quantum industry projected to be a significant contributor to the global economy in the coming decades, QuIC’s efforts in advancing Quantum Technologies are paramount. They will not only drive technological advancements but also stimulate economic growth, generate jobs, and address societal challenges.

In essence, the European Quantum Industry Consortium, through its strategic efforts, is helping Europe make a quantum leap in technology, paving the way for a new age of innovation and economic prosperity.

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