The DESI Report 2022: Europe’s Ambitious Journey Towards Digital Mastery

Key Takeaways:

  • The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) provides insights into Europe’s digital evolution since 2014.
  • DESI 2022 reflects significant progress among EU countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, but highlights areas like digital skills, SMEs’ digital transformation, and 5G networks as challenge zones.
  • With EUR 127 billion allocated for digital transformations, the EU showcases a strategic approach towards a future-ready Europe.
  • Five countries – Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, and Lithuania – have shown noteworthy commitment, allocating over 30% of their Recovery and Resilience Facility to digital transformations.

DESI: Europe’s Digital Report Card

Introduced in 2014, the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) acts as the European Commission’s lens to scrutinise the digital readiness and progress of Member States. Every year, country-specific profiles guide EU nations in understanding where their strengths lie and which areas demand more attention.

Analyzing DESI 2022: Progress amidst a Pandemic

Pandemic-Prompted Progress
The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 affected nations globally, forcing an unforeseen transition to the digital domain. In this landscape, Europe demonstrated agility. DESI 2022, largely based on 2021 data, provides a promising glimpse into how EU nations embraced the digital tide amidst the chaos. However, it’s not just about adoption; it’s about effective adaptation, which the EU is striving for.

Lingering Gaps: Digital Skills, SMEs and 5G Networks
Despite commendable progress, DESI 2022 reveals three primary challenges:

  • Digital Skills Deficit: There’s a pressing need to equip the European workforce with robust digital skills. This is not just about basic computer literacy but advanced capabilities that can push industries forward.
  • SMEs Digital Transformation: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of Europe’s economy. Their complete digital transformation is vital, especially when global competition is fierce.
  • Roll-out of Advanced 5G Networks: 5G isn’t just another ‘G’ added to the mobile network hierarchy; it’s the foundation of futuristic applications, from autonomous vehicles to telemedicine. Europe’s comprehensive 5G coverage is essential for sustaining its technological lead.
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The €127 billion Push: Ensuring Europe’s Digital Resilience

Recognizing the potential and need for digital transformation, the European Commission allocated a staggering EUR 127 billion towards related reforms and investments. This allocation within the national Recovery and Resilience Plans is a testament to Europe’s commitment towards a digital future.

Additionally, the average dedication of 26% of Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) allocation to digital transformations by Member States surpasses the mandated 20%, illustrating that the countries see the intrinsic value and long-term benefits of this investment.

Top Digital Investors: Countries like Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, and Lithuania have gone the extra mile, investing over 30% of their RRF allocation into the digital realm. Their commitment stands as a testament to the belief that digital prowess will be a significant determinant of a country’s economic and social success in the coming years.

The Future of Digital Europe: A Path Carved by DESI

While DESI provides a clear picture of the current digital scenario, its implications extend beyond mere rankings. It serves as a blueprint, a guide for countries to strategise and innovate. The areas highlighted by DESI demand attention, and if adequately addressed, they have the potential to propel Europe to unprecedented digital heights.

As we analyze DESI 2022, the narrative isn’t just about digital growth. It’s about resilience, vision, and the ambition to create a Europe that’s not only digitally equipped but digitally exemplary. It’s about crafting a future where technology enhances lives, powers economies, and fortifies societies. And in this mission, DESI is Europe’s beacon.


The DESI report’s annual release isn’t merely an update but a reflection of Europe’s journey in the digital world – a journey of progress, challenges, and immense potential. The DESI 2022 report reaffirms Europe’s commitment to forging ahead digitally, ensuring that the continent remains at the forefront of global digital innovation. With focused investments, strategic planning, and collective effort, the vision of a digitally robust Europe is well within reach.

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